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  1. So when I cloned the MinecraftForge project I did all the steps and I then went to setup with eclipse. When I went to File -> import -> General -> existing project into workspace and then got to my repo and projects folder and no projects show. Why?
  2. i can only find 1.7 mc mappings on MCPBot
  3. where are the legacy (old and outdated) mappings or are there mappings for minecraft version 1.0???
  4. Where are the legacy files for forge???
  5. what does this variable mean p_199746_0_
  6. How do you make a log block in minecraft for minecraft 1.16.1 public static final RegistryObject<Block> MAGENTA_LOG = BLOCKS.register("magenta_log", () -> new ? <- What do i place in there for a new log block ???);
  7. Im Working on my Mod and i want to make a tree generation in 1.16.1. What do you need to put in the tree config to make the tree a feature. I am making a tree using BaseTreeFeatureConfig method to do so. package com.crayon_duck.betterstuff.world.feature; import net.minecraft.block.trees.Tree; import net.minecraft.world.gen.feature.BaseTreeFeatureConfig; public class MagentaTree extends Tree { public static final BaseTreeFeatureConfig MAGENTA_TREE_CONFIG = (new BaseTreeFeatureConfig( )); ^ | <- This is where i need the code to go into and config my tree. plz help??? } What do I put in BaseTreeFeatrueConfig to make a tree or is there another better way of configurating your tree???
  8. I want to create a bow and arrow but dont know how to do it
  9. which mappings are for 1.15.2??? i cant find any mappings for 1.15.2 to change the build.gradle file
  10. How do you add a potion effect in the enchatment code??? I want when ever you have a piece of armor on with the enchatment you would get regeneration. plz help
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