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  1. In which class could I find it?
  2. For someone who is concerned: There is an pop up where you can choose to delete or keep...
  3. Hello, i am currently making an mod wich will delete the world if the player takes damage, but i cant seem to figure out how to actually delelte an Minecraft world. Can somebody help me with that? Lg, zOnlyKroks
  4. That's .class files. Maybe post it again with .java files so we can read it properly.
  5. Hello, i just wanted to start my mod and this error popped up: Failed to get asset: minecraft/lang/be_by.json. I tried gradlew eclipse and genEclipseRuns nothing helped. Can someone help me with this error? Lg, zOnlyKroks
  6. Hello, i got no error with this, but it just wont open the chest inventory or store anything. Can you guys help? https://pastebin.com/UtnRHTUW lg, zOnlyKroks
  7. I know. But I want to know how to do it if I want another private method. I just chose that method for testing.
  8. We cant help without and Eeror. Please send the error or describe it further.
  9. try { Class c = ComposterBlock.class; Method m = c.getMethod("registerCompostable", float.class, IItemProvider.class); m.setAccessible(true); } catch(NoSuchMethodException e) { System.out.println(e.toString()); }
  10. Ok but how do I have to do it for another thing if I want.
  11. Hello, i wanted to acces registerCompostable for a block, so i can make it compostable. How can i acces it. AT is not working for me. lg, zOnlyKroks
  12. Next question? What is the registry name of an dyed leather helmet?
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