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  1. I FIXED IT!!!!, whenever i would do these topic, i would somehow fix the prob, most of them would just work all of a sudden, but this time i removed the mod and updated to 35.1.0, it even works with optifine
  2. https://gist.github.com/FireyAlex12/71fd3cb6b8ac4f6539772b99cfad1eaf it stilled crashed without optifine
  3. i already knew, i thought the problem was optifine cause the debug had "optifine" in it
  4. the only download of Optifine for 1.16.4 is the one for Forge 35.0.1
  5. you may ask "why not remove the mod?" but if i do it gives me a different error im using the latest verison of forge Heres the debug
  6. https://gist.github.com/FireyAlex12/9aff4feb13d58b1b3a83179f02861ca8
  7. it crashes after i press play, after it loading it doesnt start and displays this Files
  8. i fixed the 34.1.27 prob, updating it, but my mod wont load anymore Screenshot: my mods folder (1.16.3 [prob not important]): crash-2020-10-26_16.13.0-fml.txt latest.log
  9. Theres only one for forge 1.16.3 30.0.00 unless for the pre one also i downloaded it from the official download ill use the 1.16.3-forge-34.1.25 version until the problem is fixed
  10. idk i dont pay attention to my hunger bar when riding entities
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