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  1. Hey, I may be misunderstanding what you want to do, but make sure you do not change the version string in mods.toml. It should be: version="${file.jarVersion}" That string will be auto-replaced by gradle. In build.gradle under jar/manifest/attributes, you can set "Implementation-Version" to "project.version". e.g. "Implementation-Version": project.version, This should be enough for gradle to pull the version from the Jar Metadata. Note: If you are running from Eclipse your Mod's Version may display as "NONE", that's fine. When you actually create a jar for your mod, for instance with the "build/jar" Gradle Task. That jar should have a valid version when you drop it into a "mods" folder.
  2. I'm usually very kind and respectful, but I don't like being patronized. I'm not a fucking idiot, I'm a senior software engineer with over 12 years career experience. I have a "run" configuration that auto-generated and works just fine. I have no "debug" configurations that were generated by genEclipseRun. I could create one, but as I'm new to Forge and Minecraft in general, I figured I'd ask the people who might have more experience in this department or maybe even worked on the Gradle build itself, especially since the link to the gradle cookbook on the guide for Forge goes to a broken/missing page. Don't worry about it though, I'll just figure it out myself.
  3. I've been running through the IDE, but I only have a Run config and no Debug ones; that get's me the console log, but I can't pause on breakpoints.
  4. Hey Umbra, I followed that step during my setup, but I don't have a debug config that attaches the Eclipse profiler to the process.
  5. Hello, I have my mod project set up and it runs just fine with the "runClient" Gradle task, but I was wondering how I can set up a runClientDebug configuration? I've checked https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.16.x/gettingstarted/#building-and-testing-your-mod, but the ForgeGradle Cookbook page seems to be missing. Anyone have some insight? Thanks.
  6. I still need answers for the majority of what I listed in my OP; yea I was trying to find a gist between some of the other versions as well after reading through the one you gave me. I can probably figure out the earlier issues I listed with some trial and error, but I'd say the BiomeDictionary issue and the ReflectionHelper would be the two main ones I'd hope to get some insight on. Like when it comes to the old version of ReflectionHelper, I can only guess that it was taking a String array because you had to pass in parts of the obfuscated method name, whereas the new ObfuscationRelectionHelper maybe doesn't require that anymore? Again that's just a guess on my part.
  7. Hey Draco, thanks for the link! There's definitely some helpful information in there, unfortunately it doesn't address some of the specific issues I'm running into. Btw, is there an official API doc somewhere? I've been using: https://forge.yue.moe/javadoc/1.16.3/ which seems accurate for the most part, but is missing a few things.
  8. Hello all, as the title says I've recently decided to get into modding with forge and for Minecraft in general. I'm currently forking an existing mod that I'm looking to enhance. This mod seems to have been written with an old version of the forge API so I've been working through updating and refactoring using whatever resources I've been able to find. I've run into some issues though that I figured would just be easier to ask those who would me more knowledgeable than I am with forge. Most of my issues fall under "replace X with which modern equivalent?". What do these event types equate to now? FMLPreInitializationEvent FMLInitializationEvent Is the following now Biome.getRegistryName()?" Biome.getBiomeName() What should be used for logging instead of this call? : FMLLog.log() I've changed: Chunk chunk = world.getChunkFromBlockCoords(pos); Biome biome = chunk.getBiome(pos, world.getBiomeProvider()); Into: Biome biome = world.getBiomeManager().getBiomeAtPosition( pos ); Is this correct? Would this also be equivalent? : Biome biome = world.getBiome( pos ); One section that's been causing more grief has been: Set<BiomeDictionary.Type> types = BiomeDictionary.getTypes( biome ); for( Type t : types ) ... BiomeDictionary.getTypes() no longer takes the type Biome, but instead now takes RegistryKey<Biome>. I'm not sure where I can get a Biome as this RegistryKey type. Should I even bother with getTypes or should I use Biome.getCategory() instead? What's the real difference between type and category? Am I correct in assuming that: ReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue() Has become: ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue() ? If so, the original mod was passing a String[] into the final parameter of getPrivateValue, e.g.: { "g", "field_184060_g", "mapBossInfos" } It seems the new getPrivateValue only takes a single string for the fieldName paramter now. What is the proper string to pass/how should it be used? (I've been assuming "mapBossInfos" in the example array, but want to be sure.)
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