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  1. Just because I dont know Java doesnt mean I cant make a Mod. Making a mod has taught me alot of things about Java. Yea, I cant make a good mod, but thats not what im aiming for. This was supposed to be a fun little experiment to see what Java modding is like. Im not trying to make a job out of modding so dont be such a purist.
  2. yes, however, I wrote the code PlayerENtity par1 = null; because it would give an error if I just did PlayerEntity par1;
  3. I have tried, im out of ideas I know a little Java, but let me guess, ur gonna say Im not allowed to Mod until have 5 years of experience in Java and know how to do everything
  4. also, adding player.abilities.allowflight = true crashes the game
  5. I can only seem to post in teh gradle section, clicking on modder support doesnt show a button to create a post
  6. I want to allow the player to fly when they drink somthing, however, typing playerEntity.capabilities.alowFlying = true; gives an error saying capabilities part says private acces. Do I need an acces transformer or am I doing somthing wrong?
  7. some of the other things are still not working though, is there a good way to see what has changed and whar hasnt
  8. minecraft 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.16.3-34.1.0' ] I had somthing different
  9. oh i fixed it, my build.gradle was out of date
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