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  1. hi. I recently installed forge and pixelmon. ever since, I could not use commands or chat. I even uninstalled pixelmon.......no luck
  2. my obj item continues to spin around the shadow........idk why
  3. If not......please tell me some legal ways of monetizing through modding
  4. I mean, can I convert it to a repository or something like that?
  5. Is it possible to convert a mod to a whole mod project. Cuz I made a mod in which I exported as a jar file and deleted the repository. I want to edit it but I forgot the version, snapshot, etc.
  6. Is it allowed for beta mods to be paid for downloading the mod? Just curious. Tiny Turtle and Little Lizard's Dragonfire Mod is like that. Please let me know.
  7. I mean gigaherz said 8u301 MIGHT be too new
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