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  1. Ok ok, so I made a capability which stores the counter which increases every tick (I used PlayerTickEvent and used the phase thing). So I got that out of the way, thanks for your help @diesieben07 and @vemerion! This is what it looks like btw: public class DelayCapability implements IDelay { private int points; @Override public void setPoints(int points) { this.points = points; } @Override public void subtractPoints(int points) { this.points -= points; } @Override public void addPoints(int points) { this.points += points;
  2. Thanks for your reply! After learning more about capabilities, I have successfully made my own (although the code is a bit messy haha). Regarding your recommendation, should this: // This code segment determines how many seconds has passed if (tickCounter==20) { //After 1 second do smth } else if (tickCounter==80) { tickCounter=0; // resets the counter back to 0 } tickCounter++; be inside the capability class as a method so the actual tick event would simply look like this: @SubscribeEvent public void delayEvent (net.min
  3. Good Day! I desperately need some help with coding a general WorldTick handler in my custom mod (magical books). I plan on having multiple items that will use the tick handler after onPlayerStoppedUsing was called. An example of such usage is as follows: An item, when onPlayerStoppedUsing was called, will create a storm that summons lightning bolts that will strike the ground around the player per 20 ticks (which i heard was about one second). This is my main onPlayerStoppedUsing method: @Override public void onPlayerStoppedUsing(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, LivingEntity enti
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