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  1. Thanks! I figured that would be handled completely server side but worth a shot to check!
  2. Hey, I was wondering if its at all possible to get a list of the loaded worlds on a given bungee server, on hypixel housing there is a bug where you and another person can have 2 worlds on the same server allowing for item transfers, I wanted to make a Client side only mod to check your server for another world and return the name. I'm not sure if it is possible to do this all client sided though.
  3. The hypixel skblock community has many mods for the game such as skyblock addons and many others the server considers anything that dosen't cause you to move or click to be a legal mod, Im trying to create a gui with a timer for an event (villagers dying) but only want the event to run if you are on the correct server
  4. Hi, I have been recently trying to code a mod for a gamemode on hypixel called skyblock, but I don't want the event to be called unless the player is on skyblock (if I can't check for skyblock I would check for hypixel) but im not sure how to go about this. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am mainly a spigot coder and have not worked as much with the forge api. Edit: also would anyone happen to know a good place to learn how to make client mods? I have made armor/tools etc mods in the past from guides but am not sure where to start on client sided only.
  5. I usually code on eclipse for my mods but recently switched to intellij and was trying to rewrite a mod I had into a different version. While doing this I was just testing mod loading and my first item and for whatever reason I just can get the models to render... I'll attach my json/folders and add the error report. (ob is my MODID btw) Any help is greatly appreciated as I have scoured almost every forums post related to this on multiple platforms. [17:09:17] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML]: Attempting to inject @Config classes into forge for type INSTANCE [17:09:17] [Client thread/DE
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