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  1. Ok, also what is it called when player uses swim animation? Or sit in boat pose? Like how do I do it? Like do I getSwimming or getPlayerSit(ik it’s not actual events, i just don’t know what it’s called)or something?
  2. So for every tick, does tick mean like wait then I put a number how long it waits until it does the event?
  3. So how would I probably get the tamed entity to detect when the owner does something, then the tamed entity would also do something. Like for example if the owner gets into a boat the entity would stop for a second and then get into the same boat(making it look like it right clicked the boat) or if the owner starts swimming animation a second after it’ll start swimming animation too(animation I’ll make) and when the owner stop swimming animation 1 second after it will stop
  4. Oh ok, thanks anyways! I really wanted to know what it’s called so I’ll try to do some research
  5. Do you know a website/video to show me how to use the onBlockActivates method?
  6. What Minecraft imports will I need to make a entity do things like right click on a cart or a furnace and such? I don’t know what makes the entity trigger that
  7. Is it possible to make a entity that can right click a rail with minecart and right click the cart and hop it? or at least make a right click animation to make it look like it was right clicked I just want to make sure its possible before I try to learn to code it, so I don't waste my time
  8. Well someone on fiverr made me a mod, they gave me the source code. Then I tried changing a few things like the gui slot locations, but I guess I don't know how to properly setup eclipse. I tried a youtube how to set up eclipse
  9. I don't know how to fix this problem, i've tried searching everywhere on the internet to fix this
  10. So how do I make my custom entity sleep in a nearby pink bed(ONLY pink bed) like a villager would go to sleep on a bed. It also has some GUI buttons with a follow button, stay button, and a wander button. When the entity knows it’s night time how do I turn those tasks to false so it would go to bed on its own. But only if the bed is nearby. Also it would look at the bed and pretend right click it
  11. The thing is the entity is something I made. Do you think it can still work?
  12. So I made a custom GUI with armor slots for a entity I made but idk how to put it on the entity, what are the things I need to make this happen?
  13. In the player inventory and horse inventory there is a entity that shows and watches your mouse while it moves. What’s it called so I can try to find the code? I’ve been trying to find it for a while
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