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  1. Hi all, Let me just start off by saying I'd like to thank all of the helpful moderators and friendly people on this forum. I essentially taught myself java by modding, and everybody here has been extremely helpful when I need help. Now, I can apply what I've learned outside of modding, and It's come a long way. But now I want to actually start doing more advanced things. I've heard from another modder there is a way, using java.lang.reflect and ASM transformers to actually put methods into classes without base edits, or things of the sort. Does anybody know of a page explaining ASM transformers and what I was talking about? I have a basic idea of what reflect does. Thanks in advance, Ninjapancakes87
  2. Do I still need to call NBTTagCompound in my load and read methods? It seems redundant.
  3. It's the same as entityInit in Entity classes; it gets called during entity construction, so you could put the exact same code in your constructor and it would have the same effect. The benefit of the init method in IExtendedEntityProperties is that it provides a world object, but I haven't found it (the extra world parameter) particularly useful because the entity itself isn't yet finished constructing. I know, just wanted to make sure
  4. Thanks! But on a side note, in your tutorial it does say you haven't found a use for your Init method. You have figured out what that does, correct?
  5. You could overlay the texture onto the GUI. I'm not sure how that would work, but you could render the player skins into the foreground of your GUI, in the drawGuiContainerForeground method, and have the background be just an empty 256 x 256 texture.
  6. Well, your error log says it can't load the texture. If you look at your code, you have your getEntityTexture method returning null. Have that method return your LavaCreeper, or whatever your ResourceLocation is.
  7. I do know how to use datawatcher (never used packets, so I'm going to avoid that route), but thanks for the tip. I looked at your tutorial, and the only question I have is should I add the watcher in the init method of my ExtendedProperties class?
  8. His problem is that it isn't effecting the whole string, it's only effecting until a new-line. *affecting, sorry, can't help it I don't see why it wouldn't carry over from line to line. In fact, it shouldn't, so your problem is in the link. Also, I asked if it was a clickable link because I'm fairly confident the link would reset the chat formatting, so if you put EnumChatFormatting.RED after your link it should show everything but the link in red.
  9. You can just use the 256x256 texture and past the GUI into the center. Anything not filled in is transparent in GUI's.
  10. I don't have my code up now, but I do know how I got it is that you need to GameRegistry.registerWorldGenerator(new CustomWorldGenerator) and by default your structure will spawn anywhere, including in the air. I did this with glowstone a while back, and it looks pretty cool. Here's a tut: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Adding_World_Generation
  11. What do you want the end result to be? When using EnumChatFormatting, whatever format you put will apply to the entire string unless you call EnumChatFormatting.RESET. For example, if you do par1EntityPlayer.addChatMessage(EnumChatFormatting.RED + "Red" + EnumChatFormatting.RESET + " White"); The Red will be colored red, and the white will be colored default. Also, is that a clickable link?
  12. While I've never worked with fluids before, and don't have a solution, I wanted to know if you are german. Wasser = water
  13. I made a vanilla-templated bow as well, and one way to use up both arrows is to call par3EntityPlayer.inventory.consumeInventoryItem(Item.itemID); twice. While ineffecient, you can't call decrStackSize because I don't believe it gives you which slot your arrows are in.
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to add some properties to the player, and it's not correctly working. Through some system.out.println()'s, I know it is saving, loading, and initializing my properties, it's just not applying them to the player. I remember reading something old about properties, and packets, but I can't find it anymore and I'm not sure. My properties code: I previously had it work by calling EntityPlayer.getEntityData(), but that doesn't vary between worlds like I want it to.
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