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  1. Thank you more for your help, I don't even know how to thank you However, in "gratitude" I would like to ask one more question. The fact is that my Manager supports 3 types of files and for each I have my own deserializer. And this order of events does not quite fit in with the Forge ReloadListener, where the T type is essentially the file extension that is obtained after preparation. (like for example the same RecipeManager passes keys and JsonObject). In this case, is it better to inherit from IFutureReloadListener or can you do something differently? (To put it simply, I wanted
  2. public ArchitectsDream() { final IEventBus eventBus = FMLJavaModLoadingContext.get().getModEventBus(); eventBus.addListener(this::commonRegistry); eventBus.addListener(this::clientRegistry); eventBus.addListener(this::server); } "clientRegistry" and "commonRegistry" work
  3. No, nothing starts. As I described the problem, I need a recipe file reloader. A very similar class -> RecipeManager. You gave a class that is not present in 1.15.2. How to be in this version?
  4. Oh sorry i forgot to provide the version. my version is 1.15.2. as far as I know, what you anticipated for 1.16.x
  5. my mod has a "StructureManager" that overrides the ReloadListener <?> method. How do I register this listener correctly? I created a Listener based on RecipeManager and saw that it registers to MinecraftServer. However, nothing works for me. Here is an example of my registration code: private void server(final FMLServerAboutToStartEvent event){ LOGGER.info("SERVER ^>>>"); event.getServer().getResourceManager().addReloadListener(structureManager); } Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  6. my mod contains its resource files. For example, as FORGE has "recipes", which is taken from all mods, I also have a similar folder. How to get it from all loaded mods, if any?
  7. How to get the "data" folder from all mods that are registered with FORGE(and if it exists)? I know the ModList class, but I don't quite understand how to use it. It is desirable that "Path" be returned to me.
  8. By scripts, I mean the mods folder, from where all mods are loaded. I do not want to clog it up and my mod will create a separate folder in the game directory from where I will take the files. However, I need to somehow, in addition to the main catalog of the language file, load files from another folder. So I would like to know how to add my own language file? (Deserialization is familiar to me, the question is in the FORGE method). Yes, I was told that it is better not to do this, but I just do not see a better way.
  9. Okay, then I have a different question. Will Forge load the mod without scripts, only with asset or data folders?
  10. Hello, I am faced with the problem of connecting my own language files to the rest loaded from my mod (assets / modid / lang /). I want to, in addition to the folder of the main language files of my mod, also download files from another location, which I myself will prescribe. This is necessary for my mod, please help me with this, I cannot understand how the standard FORGE implementation of this works. Written with the help of a translator, there may be errors. Minecraft version 1.15.x - 1.16.x
  11. I want to create a function to rotate a block while holding the mouse (component renderItemAndEffectIntoGUI). However, when I try to change the position of the object along the x axis with the function -> [GlStateManager.rotate] for some reason the position of the object along the Y axis changes. I realized that this is due to the fact that the coordinate reporting point is not in the center of the object. The question is, how to rotate an object so that it stays in the same place? The GlStateManager class is quite large and I just don't understand some of the functions,
  12. Yes, that is right. But I want to implement it exactly on the example of loading the structure. Let's say there is a house structure (this is a separate file, where everything is written, where is which block), then the file is deserialized and you need to display this structure. It really looks like the player model in the inventory, but differs in that you need to somehow connect all the blocks together.
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