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  1. Dear moderators and “forum team”. Chill out policing my posts. 

    You’d think since we don’t exactly have a surplus of people rushing in to help users learn how to Solve their issues and become more knowledgeable; you’d welcome the help. 

    You seem super focused on calling me out “in thread”. 

    If you have a problem with something I posted or the posture, I have a PM inbox. 

    Calling  me out or criticism of my posts in-thread is abusive and unethical. It sets a negative precedent. 

  2. I am absolutely here to help and make the community and Forge better. Interestingly enough, the mod authors themselves, tell people to take exactly this approach when solving conflicts between mods. “Remove what you added, and add them back slowly until it breaks”. From the OPs own words::: problem 1.) “I kinda installed a bunch of mods....” Let’s dig in, ok ? That’s not so much of an issue; IF the user verified compatibility or did even cursory compatibility testing. Clearly that isn’t the case here. Problem. 2.) “I’m not really savvy
  3. The best recommendation is to Remove all mods, add them back one at a time, play for a bit; until you discover what’s crashing your game. simply dumping a bunch of mods into your folder without knowing how they interact usually ends up like this. You also need to look at your latest.log while the game is loading and spot any errors or incompatibilities that occur during load.
  4. @LexManos Hey bud, ya think maybe I can get a do-over on the Warn-o-matic ?


    That bright red bubble is cramping the feng shue on my user profile page :D


    I followed and retweeted you if that helps seal the deal !!

  5. OP - Check your launch script. You have a syntax error I believe. 1.) Can you please go into your Mods folder and disable optifine ? Just temporarily rename it and add -disable to the filename after .jar. (that way it doesn't load up when Forge starts) That way we can eliminate that as a possible issue. 2.) Your Launch flags are shown in the dump : <// JVM Flags: 10 total; -Xmn128M -Xmx8500M -XX:Heap//> Q: Did you mean to Set Nursery heap and not initial heap ?Initial Heap is -Xms, not -Xmn..... Also default initi
  6. I got warned by #Lex on my first day, for replying with thick sarcasm. So, you could say things are getting pretty serious.


    Srsly, If you want personalized, specific help you can PM / DM me.

  7. You can’t access the main thread from external to the Java heap. Today anyway. There’s no feasible way to apply Web 2.0 type micro service user interaction concepts, with Minecraft. What you’re describing are just plug-ins external to the server runtime, which is like side loading hooks the same way that was done with vanilla plugins on those other modded servers. This behavior is somewhat successfully accomplished in platforms like Unity with a C# / dotNet API that runs an xml watchdog looking for calls. You can push modification to the running code to some degree, by updating the x
  8. First things first, You’re running a 5 year old version of Java on the latest bleeding edge Minecraft release. it’s very easy to see you’re on 8u92. Upgrade to at LEAST 8u151. second. There are approximately 2,000 writtten and video tutorials on how to get a simple forge server spun up in under 3-5 minutes. Please go make yourself familiar with how it’s supposed to look when it works right, so that you can better formulate a question or request for help. upgrade your Java and good luck.
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