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  1. Sorry to bump with a slightly different question, but, does anyone know if MCP 7.26a can still be downloaded somewhere? If not, I guess I'm SOL?
  2. Yeah, sorry, this was my bad!
  3. Hello friends! Apologies if this is in the wrong section or has already been addressed. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Forge src, for mod development in Minecraft 1.4.7. It appears that the official download links are dead (and I just can't help but indulge in the nostalgia!) Thanks! EDIT: OOPS! Sorry, nevermind! The downloads are fine. Turns out I was having a DNS issue resolving adfoc.us!
  4. I am creating an item that uses an OBJ model. I have a corresponding JSON blockstate using the Forge format, where I set my transforms. I have used the Item Transform Helper mod to figure out what these transforms need to be. However, whenever I print those transforms with the helper mod, copy them into my JSON file, and load the game, my translations end up wrong! It's like they're being multiplied or something, it's really weird... For example, my item displays much further above where it should in GUIs. Whenever I check what the transform values are using the Item Transform Helper, they aren't what I specified in my JSON file! The rotations and scales appear to be unmolested but the translations aren't. What's going on here? Update: setting the translations to 0 gets the item relatively close. It looks like the translation values created by Item Transform Helper are 120% drunk. And the error doesn't _appear_ to be related to the scale settings either...
  5. I'm doing the standard thing where you draw a background texture for a GUI with drawTexturedModalRect something or other; setting my xSize and ySize to the size of the section of the texture that actually contains the background; the texture itself is 512x512 (not sure if this is necessary), but xSize and ySize are 280 and 166 in this case. It's rendering as shown... any ideas why? EDIT: So drawTexturedModalRect only works with 256x256 textures? #SureGladTheseThingsAreDocumentedSoDamnWellLol
  6. So I have an armor item. I am loading my OBJ model via the ModelManager and using it to render inside my ModelBiped (for armor..). How can I have a separate texture for my item when it's in inventories or help in player hands? (Or dropped in the world) If I don't call `setCustomModelResourceLocation`, it's impossible to load the OBJ model, even if I use ObjLoader and bake it myself (which is stupid af btw). I would just render the actual model instead but if I create a `json` file to go along with my `obj` model, the model simply disappears and I can't find ANYTHING that actually fixes it. (Forgive my frustration; I'm quite rushed... trying to release on Christmas day...) EDIT: So I've been banging my head against using JSON along with my obj model. I have the following json file alongside my obj and mtl files: { "forge_marker": 1, "variants": { "normal": [{ "model": "crypticv:mymodel.obj" }] } } I've been trying just about every possible combination of JSON crap I can fine online but nothing works. This appears to be the closest I've gotten(?); instead of getting the missing model, I simply get nothing, implying that it is correctly location my model... but... something else is wrong and I have no idea what. I am calling registerItemVariants and setCustomMeshDefinition. I don't see anything AT ALL in the console, which is perplexing to me... FINAL EDIT: Well it looks like I just didn't have the difference between model files and blockstate files straight in my head... I finally got it working! Forgive my spam lol
  7. So, with the code I posted (although I changed the less than to a less than or equal in the for loop, but besides that..) even if I do something like (0, 2, 0), I don't see anything. EDIT: Okay so I just tried it again and I _did_ see something but it disappeared and never reappeared... once I rotated my player... EDIT 2: Restarted the game; this time it stuck around a bit longer before disappearing after rotating my player... WTF? EDIT 3: I think going underwater also makes it disappear? #ThisIsWeird #YayRendering EDIT 4: Opening chat also makes it disappear and not reappear after closing chat. EDIT 5: It blinks opposite to the cursor flash of chat LOL EDIT 6: Also chat appears to mess with my colors? Either that or the lack of chat I guess... (Actually I think it's the lack of chat) (Yes I'm disabling lighting during rendering of these circles (supposed to be LED lights (eventually..)) EDIT 7: Okay now the issue just magically went away? Or something? I don't know... wtf is going on lol. That being said, I think it's safe to call this question answered by now. Thanks! EDIT 8: Nevermind it's not actually fixed all the issues are still here WTF IS GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING ANYWAY; also there's an issue where my colors aren't as bright as they need to be... for some reason.. EDIT 9: Turns out all I had to do to fix these problems was disable TEXTURE_2D. Makes sense. NOW this thread can officially rest in peace.
  8. From within the `render` method in a class of mine that extends `ModelBiped`, used for armor. I have an IBakedModel that I'm rendering using RenderItem, which works fine, but I want to add dynamic rendering on top of my model, hence trying to draw colored circles...
  9. I am trying to draw a circle (flat, in 3D) currently. I am using GlStateManager to handle all the translation, rotation, and scaling. My question is: does Tesselator expect arguments passed to `pos` to be transformed already, or will they be transformed by the matrix I set up with GlStateManager? I'd assume the second, but I'm not sure; my circle isn't exactly a circle... in that, it's not being drawn at all... Here's the relevant code: private void drawCircle(final double x, final double y, final double z, final double r, final int segments, final int color) { final Tessellator tess = Tessellator.getInstance(); final BufferBuilder buf = tess.getBuffer(); buf.begin(GL11.GL_TRIANGLE_FAN, DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_COLOR); final int red = (color >> 24) & 0xFF; final int green = (color >> 16) & 0xFF; final int blue = (color >> 8) & 0xFF; final int alpha = color & 0xFF; buf.pos(x, y, z); buf.color(red, green, blue, alpha); buf.endVertex(); for(int i = 0; i < segments; i++) { final double s = Math.sin(i * Math.PI * 2 / segments); final double c = Math.cos(i * Math.PI * 2 / segments); buf.pos(x, y + (r * s), z + (r * c)); buf.color(red, green, blue, alpha); buf.endVertex(); } tess.draw(); } Another question (I guess) would be if I'm allowed to use GL_TRIANGLE_FAN and the POSITION_COLOR vertex format... EDIT: Even if I set x, y, and z to known values (0, 70, 0 fir example) and then go to that location in the world, I do not see anything (excluding the GlStateManager stuff)...
  10. Welp turns out you can use RenderItem, thanks for all the help ya'll
  11. So I know I can use ObjLoader to get an IModel and all... but how am I supposed to actually render it? Armor (unless I've not found a better way) uses a ModelBiped... and I don't see a `render` call of any kind in IModel. Additionally, I am already successfully setting the item model with `setCustomModelResourceLocation`, although the model is scaled and rotated incorrectly... Is this something I should be fixing in my modeling package or can I fix that elsewhere?
  12. Same problem here; IntelliJ 2019.3, MC 1.12.2 latest... Someone needs to find a fix for this...
  13. And how do I get to this dimension?
  14. Hi all. I am wondering, in 1.6, what classes do I need to create in order to create a custom dimension? And how do I register it?
  15. [move][glow=red,2,300]Instant Redstone[/glow][/move] Version 0.0.6! Squished a bunch of bugs and made things look a tish nicer! Plus, added NOT gate! There may be bugs I don't know about. If you find one, PLEASE report it to me! Thanks! Hey guys! This is my Instant Redstone mod for Minecraft 1.6.2. Basically, it adds an instant repeater and torch and the torch cant burn out. I basically just made this for myself but I figured I may as well release it. Here are the recipes: Spotlights: This mod REQUIRES you to have Minecraft Forge installed and working. This will only work for Minecraft version 1.6.2. Download link: InstaRedstone_0.0.6.jar Source code: https://github.com/sci4me/InstaRedstone
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