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  1. Thanks. I do wonder though, why are they called Capabilities? What does that mean in this context? I would imagine it's the ability for an object to do something, which then I'm not sure how that translates to checking if it is doing it, but then there are types and also "facing" which I don't think is like in world directions.
  2. I want to have a field or some attribute to PlayerEntity that indicates whether the player is pressing a key. I've tried DataManagers but the id value overlap makes me think that is the wrong way to do it on top of causing exceptions. I've also tried Lists and such to store players that did but sidedness and thread safety make me think thats also the wrong way. My question is how do I add this boolean attribute in such a way that avoids sidedness and is the proper way? Thanks.
  3. I wanted to have something that depends on a players look direction and stuff like that so I wondered how to add that to the renderer. Shortly after I found how to do that but I couldnt find a way to delete the reply, its all good now. Thanks
  4. Would you happen to know how to pass additional data to the model's render() method?
  5. GeeksForGeeks and w3schools have pretty nice explanations. Just look up "Java Inheritance" you'll find it. In general you want to extend FallingBlock I think.
  6. I'm trying to add an attachment to a PlayerEntity without adding an entity that follows the player. I've narrowed it down to extending PlayerRenderer but the problem is that it uses AbstractClientPlayerEntity which I couldn't find the EntityType for it (if it even exists), which I think I need to register the Renderer (RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler). Is there a different way to register the Renderer or some other way to extend PlayerRenderer? Thanks.
  7. I've been working on a projectile type entity but I cant get it to move smoothly without extending some other class that adds logic that interferes with what I'm trying to do or straight up breaks everything. I'm trying to simply get it to stop when hitting a wall and to stick to an entity when hitting it and moving with it. Extending ThrowableEntity makes it break on impact. Extending ArrowEntity forces some methods that are unrelated and causes nullPointerExceptions referring to some data managers. Extending ItemEntity is the closet I've gotten to what I'm trying to do, howe
  8. I apologize for this dragging on however, it appears the winning formula is With your context clues, other AT's and patience I found this working. Thanks for the help.
  9. I meant the AT'd mod class wasn't the problem, the AT is almost certainly the problem. Excuse me if that wasn't clear. I would imagine this is a solvable problem just by someone that knows the syntax.
  10. I'm looking to make the constructor of ProjectileEntity public or at least protected and im getting which to me means that there is a syntax error. I haven't managed to locate the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I think it goes only up to 3 blocks because thats the reach of a regular PlayerEntity, might be wrong though/ I think your question is how to find entities on a line from one Vector3d to another. Now I know this isnt really your question but there is another way to trace entities. You create an AABB (AxisAlignedBoundingBox) starting at your start vector and ending at the end vector and using the world object you are raytracing in you use getEntitiesWithinAABB to get the entities that are in the cube with a vertex at the start vector and the opposite vertex at the end vector.
  12. So I do need a return type in the AT. I made a new project to make sure the only things that could be a problem was the AT and AT'd the Mod class to not mess with minecraft or forge's internal libraries. In general I don't think that matters a whole lot since that doesn't seem to be the problem.
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