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  1. the lang file is meant to be called en_gb, right?
  2. but it is the only package in assets, so it looks like it's just in a package called assets.shopmod_5743
  3. It is English now, but it still doesn't work
  4. For some reason in game it is called item.shopmod_5743.money_item
  5. I would always recommend installing optifine
  6. For some reason my item (money), is called one of the lines of code in the json files, can somebody please tell me what I've done wrong :) these are the json files en_gb.json { "item.shopmod_5743.money_item" : "money" } money_item.json { "parent": "item/generated", "textures": { "layer0": "shopmod_5743:items/money_item" } }
  7. What OS are you using, it is different for mac and linux to windows?
  8. In the terminal cd into my mods folder, and ran ./gradlew runClient, the window pops up for about half a second then shuts down again. Can somebody please help me, I am a noob. I am using ubuntu, forge mdk 1.16.5. this is the terminal output. output.txt
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