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  1. I honestly, view it differently, but I can see how you'd classify what 'external' is. What bothered me is I got no errors from Intellij about what I did casting, or even warning about it. Though was just tired & used a try catch to get what the exact error was & why, then never cleaned it up. (well till recently) Umm 3Cntrl checks & 2 shift checks if all 3 tooltips are in use (or if shift & cntrl are used).. & 2 for either one. X.x umm perhaps I didn't plan it out & lead it to check each tooltip once, rather than keypressed >.> How em
  2. Just going to reply in order, snip bits.. snip bits drive me bitty. 1. perhaps a bit of premature optimization... though truth be told, I am done with that 'tooltip section' so I'd not want to leave it loose. 2. perhaps I don't understand the deeper methods of the keyboard hooks, and I assumed things that weren't true.. -- worth looking at, but honestly alot more so for understanding and curiosity sake. 3. You're just being nit picky and bitchy on the 'Item' object. I swapped it as soon as you brought it up (and tested it, I've just not had it commited yet, still on a
  3. Umm I didn't do it 'because it was faster' I asked it as an after thought, a curiosity ... nothing more. would you kindly not assume why I used the method. --- psst... I used try Catch when I was dead tired & to give feedback.. it wasn't meant as the end goal, though I should have noted to find the proper method later. Easier to read, maybe... but it's checking for KB inputs each game tick for that item... which isn't something I believe is helpful. -- This is likely a point of ... personal thought, I'd rather not have 4 kb checks a tick per item hovered ove
  4. Well I figured, about the blind casting, just comes across as a potential problem, even if caught as it self still doesn't exactly solve the issue persay is just the logic of relying on the fail safe with known faults, rather then attempting to not use the faults. -- I had honestly not thought of instanceof (despite using it in the same file elsewhere, no excuse just likely exhausted when I did it) I was going to use instanceof, and hopefully test it in a variety pack near the end (checking to see if false players that smack things would trigger it, and how to avoid such things) -- t
  5. very true... something to consider. Now the question, which one is is better, speed wise. (i know it's far better not produce errors or exceptions if you can help it, and this is more a thought experiment) { target = (LivingEntity)event.getTarget(); } catch (Exception e) { } if (event.getTarget() instanceof (LivingEntity)) { target = (LivingEntity)event.getTarget(); } --- don't roast me on the instance of syntax, I've not actually written it out yet
  6. In order, X} 1. (Force class to load, as was explained) and was how it was shown.. I am up for 'changing it up' & optimizing it later, That's just the method that was shown. I want to optimize it later for sure. 2.o_hand -> is offhand I got sick to death of doing typos, and used it & m_hand for main hand ... (offhand is the shield slot typically) 2. .... actually [ target = (LivingEntity)event.getTarget(); ] inside of (AttackEntityEvent event) is 100% capable of causing an error. -- Try setting it up & smacking with any melee attack (fist or w
  7. Ok... i got to admit, I am both thoroughly unsure and confused. I think we need a common understanding of where I am on my code & thinking.. I'll just share the github link of it. -- in aid/util/registration.java is where I am atm, and i currently have the overrides in ./block/sand/altcolor.java -- Mod Code I don't think I achieved the same spot, but perhaps this can help show 'how' I'm thinking about things, as I may not be grasping how you are phrasing things, or as easily I didn't communicate well enough and we don't aren't understanding the same intent, though I am
  8. I've found myself in a bit of a bind. my entire project suddenly failed to .. even work correctly, and the issue was somehow the java version was wrong. What's the officially supported java version? I'd rather not miss match & cause compatability issues. __ for reasons, I had to install amazons corretto v16 & it disrupted some system variables. I'd like to know which java version I assign inside of Intellj, so that I don't cause any issues. I just reassigned it to JetBrains 11... but knowing which one to match would be great, just incase settings barf up again fo
  9. Thank you for that. I it also got me to re-examine a bit of 'my code' again, and I was able to cleanly insert it properly this time and actually UNDERSTAND what was doing what. Unsure if I should list the updated code I got from it, but in short effect I got the BLOCK & ITEM override sitting next to my actual ones, and it being called as intended. -- genuinely wish there was a better way to inject behavior into a block that was able to interact with tick void w/o having to recreate/override the block. while I did what I could to minimize any conflicts possible... I
  10. Then, Explain to me how to do the exact same thing in the correct way... as I've not seen hide nor hair of it of how to properly do it. For a very select few blocks, have a custom block class (say SandBlock or Gravelblock) with gravity override, and still retain the same namespace as if it wasn't there (minecraft:sand , as exampe) If you actually wanna be helpful, explain how that's done and actually explain things. It's clear I'm not sure how to pull it off with the same requirement checked off. -- Saying 'Don't do it that way' isn't helpful, when it's not clear how
  11. Ok, I 'think' i get the angle. -- I also, have gotten some .. idea of how other special classes are .. structured from that same page. I feel as if there is an 'answer' in front of my face, and I'm not exactly connecting the dots. I am left wondering, 'Accessible from' my code, which implies a possibility of changing/overriding it and having the native code take it. -- or it just means I could use that object in my own registry, but I am confused as to what is & isn't useful . I can register those objects, but I am left with the requirements (assuming, basic override
  12. perhaps the method you're going after is all wrong... like thinking a mechanically aligned & operated laser is the right tool for the job when a pair of scissors is better adjusted for opening your packages. I'm not the sharpest of a bunch.... but it sounds like you're after some world edit functionality, or extending the native commands in minecraft. perhaps rethinking what you're really doing with the tool, and exactly how ya using it might help you a bit. I'm sorta confused myself... if it's a wand tool that works as world edit.. and if it's purpose is to select
  13. I showed you that code... it was this, and your 'complained' about the deferred register name, then went on about Objectholder (which to be fair was only there because the ONLY other example of doing this wasn't exactly knowledgeable as to what was happening or why. I'm trying to figure out why the following works, and the example wasn't exactly updated, so i had to use IDE feedback to get it to work properly, and I used setRegistryName as a way to prevent it from using my own name space.... -- To be clear i'm not sure what i did that caused it to work.. but it does Just to
  14. From what I can .. gather, and I'm sure this is my confusion going on.. It has public Objects that are effectively the block registry calls. Wait? Would it be possible to actually override a public object, and have it use it? --- I'm not sure I understand, though the only bit I can honestly gather from that is a string name key, & the block object calling a new instance of a block (sand, log, etc) with properties defined in those block classes, which are often calling abstractblocks for properties, and extending special classes (like fallingblock) which tend t
  15. 1. I Don't get what you mean of the deferred Register .. but I'll show the 'altcolor()' one, as it's atm the smallest, with both something to register & uses the one I (sorta)understand as it is. [I had only snipped out the name of the itemgroup itself.] -far as I knew 'name' was legitimately a variable that got used by the actual self created entries, and a way to create the method (that atm, I've got a tiny grasp on) to register both the block & the item form of it. ~which I didn't actually think to hard on till about now. 1a. it of course gets called by my main class, w
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