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  1. EDIT: After a shit ton of debugging i remembered that the only thing i didn't reinstall was my JDK, so i did that and it works now. EDIT: i changed the JDK and i ran it for the first time, no error. After i changed the JDK i got the same error with a different name: error LAST EDIT: i found the fucking issue i am so sorry for spamming but i haven't slept since yesterday this modding shit is so consuming gn boys
  2. So, I haven't changed a single line of code from the examples that i downloaded from the forge website. I am using intelij. I tried a lot of things: updating software, reinstalling it i tried editing files i tried literally everything, i read a lot of git hub and so bullsh and i can't fix it. These are the issues When i try to run with --starcktrace or --debug it says I tried different versions of Gradle, nothing helped.Here is Build file 'D:\untitled2\build.gradle' line: 11-> apply plugin: 'net.minecraftforge.gradle' P.s: I am not entirely what is going on,
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