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  1. Finally fixed, thank you so much. Didn't even know I have to register that before, sorry about that silly guessing of the issues, I'm bad at doing this.
  2. I'm porting some code (Create mod Shadow Steel tools, GitHub link below) from 1.14.4 to 1.16.5. Link: https://github.com/Creators-of-Create/Create/tree/mc1.14/release/src/main/java/com/simibubi/create And every time when I mine some blocks with the tools that toggle the event the game just crash. Crash report: Description: Ticking entity java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid message com.jerrylu086.shadowsteeltools.items.utils.AbstractToolItem$HarvestPacket at net.minecraftforge.fml.network.simple.IndexedMessageCodec.build(IndexedMessageCodec.java:145) ~[?:?] {re:clas
  3. I used the AttributeModifer before, but what I want is increase the attack damage. Like if I'm using melee damage and wearing the chestplate, I will deal 6 damage. And if I'm using netherite sword, which has 8 attack damage, I will deal 13 damage. As far as I know what I can do with AttributeModifer is only *set* the attack damage, like if I'm wearing the chestplate, I will always deal 5 damage, even I'm using the weapons with high attack damage.
  4. Here's my code: package com.jerrylu086.createarsenal.items; import com.google.common.collect.ArrayListMultimap; import com.google.common.collect.Iterables; import com.google.common.collect.Multimap; import com.jerrylu086.createarsenal.CreateArsenal; import com.jerrylu086.createarsenal.registry.ModItems; import net.minecraft.entity.Entity; import net.minecraft.entity.LivingEntity; import net.minecraft.entity.ai.attributes.Attribute; import net.minecraft.entity.ai.attributes.AttributeModifier; import net.minecraft.inventory.EquipmentSlotType; import net.minecraft.item.*; import net.minecraf
  5. I want to increase the player's attack damage when using a chestplate, but I have no way to do it. What I have done is just set to a number, not increase. For example, I want to increase 3 attack damage when using, and I'm using a diamond sword which provides 7 damage. When I'm wearing the chestplate, it should be 10 attack damage. My code: package com.jerrylu086.createarsenal.items; import com.google.common.collect.ImmutableMultimap; import com.google.common.collect.Multimap; import com.jerrylu086.createarsenal.CreateArsenal; import net.minecraft.entity.Entity; import net.
  6. Sorry I don't really understand that... but I found that I need a bool value about a tag is loaded or not but don't really know how to do it...
  7. Is there any ways to add a item to the ItemGroup depends on a tag? Like something is depends on a mod loaded as the code below: public static final DeferredRegister<Item> ITEMS = DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.ITEMS, MyProject.MOD_ID); public static final RegistryObject<Item> ITEM_A = ITEMS.register("item_a", () -> new Item(new Item.Properties().group(ModList.get().isLoaded("mod_a") ? ItemGroup.MATERIALS : null)));
  8. I'm new at coding and I got a problem when I was building my gradle. Here's the error code: Build file 'build.gradle' line: 37 A problem occurred evaluating root project 'RoseGold'. > No signature of method: java.lang.String.mods() is applicable for argument types: (build_aylkspmrctt1hitxfh2fvq7es$_run_closure2$_closure8$_closure9$_closure12) values: [build_aylkspmrctt1hitxfh2fvq7es$_run_closure2$_closure8$_closure9$_closure12@7c9fab72] Possible solutions: plus(java.lang.Object), minus(java.util.regex.Pattern), plus(java.lang.CharSequence), is(java.lang.Object), minus
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