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  1. I'm new at coding and I got a problem when I was building my gradle. Here's the error code: Build file 'build.gradle' line: 37 A problem occurred evaluating root project 'RoseGold'. > No signature of method: java.lang.String.mods() is applicable for argument types: (build_aylkspmrctt1hitxfh2fvq7es$_run_closure2$_closure8$_closure9$_closure12) values: [build_aylkspmrctt1hitxfh2fvq7es$_run_closure2$_closure8$_closure9$_closure12@7c9fab72] Possible solutions: plus(java.lang.Object), minus(java.util.regex.Pattern), plus(java.lang.CharSequence), is(java.lang.Object), minus
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