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  1. Experienced modders, I come to you with hat in hand and request if you could share with me your thoughts and suggestions for a direction I should take on implementing a feature in my mod. First, the concept. What I would like to achieve is to provide the end user a json config file in which they can place a list of biomes and provide some addition details/criteria to apply to the world generation about those biomes. The first I would like to achieve is applying a min and max distance that a biome can spawn at from the center of the world. For example, if they wanted to make sure that desert bi
  2. Legend! I had just figured out how to do it with BreakEvent and cancelling the event but this event is so much better! Thank you!
  3. @diessieben07 what would be the correct way to do this then? I have just started modding myself and have found little to no info on how to adjust vanilla items/blocks. From what I am gathering, in general its not suggested. I personally am looking to make logs unbreakable by hand and was aiming down an override path as described in this post but I am guessing this isnt the right idea. Would love some insight.
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