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  1. Ok... I knew that was a potential issue when running on a server... but I thought in single player mode there was only the client anyway. (I'm pretty new) So... apparently this is running twice, from both the client and a local server instance that's just not listening for external connections? Obviously so... as something happened in both conditions. I mean, it makes sense. I'm not sure why I didn't try that. Thanks!
  2. I was asked to make a separate thread for this instead of tacking on to another setBlock() question, so here goes. I'm just testing out trying to modify the world with setBlock(), and it's just not behaving like I'd expect. The other question answered my own questions about the integer parameters for setBlock(), so I'm now passing in Constants.BlockFlags.DEFAULT. This really is just like the behavior of the setBlockAndUpdate() method anyway.... which I was trying at one point. The behavior I'm seeing is that the blocks appear in the world, but disappear when interacting with
  3. Ok, so I have a question about these functions in 1.16.5. I'm trying to do world.setBlock() commands from within an Item use() override. No matter what function I use (setBlockAndUpdate, setBlock with Constants.BlockFlags.DEFAULT, etc) the blocks appear in the client but disappear when interacted with (apart from collusions). If I quit and restart, none of the changes were saved. Blocks replacing other blocks (like grass) go back to the previous block. This is launching from the Forge MDK runClient configuration. Are there contexts from which you're not supposed to update the world?
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