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  1. Ah that's perfect, I really didn't want to shit out a giant switch statement for this.
  2. In a json file I store some status (representing an enum) as a string, and at compile-time I'm reading this in and converting back to an Enum value. For that conversion process, I use valueOf() as my go-to, as a giant switch statement returning all the possible values isn't scalable and messy. Just a quick example for what I'm doing, in reality there are dozens of possible Enum states, which is why scalability is important here: json: { "mood": "ANGRY" ... } Enum: public enum EntityMoods { NEUTRAL, ANGRY, SAD, HAPPY } Conversion: EntityMoods moodStatus = E
  3. I know that, but you're saying that when we switch between dimensions A->B, the data in dimension A is saved, and reloads normally when we return to A from B?
  4. Say I have some data that I serialize/deserialize in the Overworld using world capabilities' NBT. When the player then enters the Nether, does that data get saved to NBT when the Nether loads its own world instance, and able to reload when the player exits the Nether, or does it just get destroyed?
  5. ...just have the effect apply per every ___ ticks. I.e. do effect if player's tick count % 40 is 0
  6. Ah sorry, you're right. I can refer you to the way Lycanites renders all of their .obj model entities, and best of all it's up to date for 1.16, but it is pretty complicated than just your standard java model. Depending on what you're doing it might not be worth it... https://gitlab.com/Lycanite/LycanitesMobs/-/tree/master/src/main/java/com/lycanitesmobs/client
  7. I haven't touched obj models in MC since 1.12.2 so I wouldn't know if anything changed, but with a TESR I recall I could just override the render method and make OpenGL transforms (which I'm sure has been replaced with matrixstacks) in it...
  8. Hook into LivingHurtEvent, check the position of the attacker relative to the player and do whatever you want.
  9. Are there any other options besides having all my textures be outside that space? I tried setting the default model's visibility to false: @OnlyIn(Dist.CLIENT) @Nullable public <A extends BipedModel<?>> A getArmorModel(LivingEntity LivingEntity, ItemStack itemStack, EquipmentSlotType armorSlot, A _default) { _default.bipedHeadwear.showModel = false; _default.bipedHead.showModel = false; _default.bipedBody.showModel = false; _default.bipedLeftArm.showModel = false; _default.bipedLeftLeg.showModel = false; _de
  10. Wait, I'm getting this weird effect where there's extraneous layers to the model where there shouldn't be. I'm wearing nothing but the helm, and I've temporarily unparented the helm's model to BipedModel's head and the model has no headwear, but this is happening:
  11. I've got a model that I've parented to the correct parts of BipedModel properly; i.e. headwear-> head, chest->body, etc: My item registry: /**ARMOR*/ //avalon mail public static final RegistryObject<WithernautsArmor> AVALON_MAIL_HELMET = ITEMS.register("avalon_mail_helmet", () -> new WithernautsArmor(ArmorMaterial.DIAMOND, EquipmentSlotType.HEAD, "avalon_mail", new AvalonMailArmorModel(0.4f))); public static final RegistryObject<WithernautsArmor> AVALON_MAIL_PLATE = ITEMS.register("avalon_mail_plate", () -> new WithernautsArm
  12. Yeah that was my worry that this issue would still exist when my mod was deobfuscated, good to hear it won't. I just plonked down the other mod's file into my development directory's mod folder just for testing.
  13. So in my IntelliJ environment's src/mods directory, just for testing (I know this isn't the right way to go about adding other mods as soft dependencies) I added JEI's latest jar file to it, but the game crashes because that mod doesn't load correctly. I know this is caused by two mods having different mapping versions, i.e. if I have a snapshot version of some 1.16.3 mapper whereas the other mod has a mapper for 1.16.5. But my question is, will this issue remain even after I add my mod's .JAR to a non-dev environment? ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Sorry :( Time: 4/18/21 9:44
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