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  1. Ok, so, really simple question, I think. When I am creating a build using the gradlew build task, I will be told that various methods I am attempting to override don't exist. I was even told that it cannot find the basic symbol "Material.Rock" The question is, when I run my build task, do I have to have the source code files for java in any particular directory? The command says to import "net. minecraft. etcetera" and that line throws no errors, but somehow the build task cannot reference the ROCK material. Similarly, the class in question implements "block" which imp
  2. How ambiguous. Given that there is a thing in gradle which is called a dependency and my issue was with loading these dependencies, I did not think that this command referred to the JVM used by gradle. I also certainly didn't think that it referred to the encryption keys used by gradle in order to certify web downloads. However, I still tested it. I set my classpath and javahome variables so that they pointed at 1.8.74 and then ran 'gradlew --refresh-dependencies'. This did NOT change the JVM used by gradlew. gradlew -v still returns 1.8.291. I don't think this would ha
  3. found this learned about the existence of this And it tells me I am still using jdk 1.8.74 despite the fact I have now set my path variable to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_291\bin and the JAVA_HOME variable to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_291. I also simply deleted my [username]/.gradel folder and re-ran gradel -v, and somehow it STILL wants to use 8.74 instead of 8.291 as its jvm. I am going to delete the .gradel folder and helpcenter folder, restart my computer, and then try this again, in the hope that restarting my computer does anything. I also couldn't find any gra
  4. switched to jdk1.8.0_291 no difference
  5. While I have modified Minecraft itself before, I have not used forge. I downloaded a bunch of different versions yesterday to try to get some combination that worked, and have failed. I have seen the following comment by diesieben07 in another thread: For this, I will set my path variable to jdk 8, despite updating my jdk yesterday. Path now = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_74\bin, among other things. I have created a new and empty file at c:\[thepathtothislocation]\[username]\download\helpCenter I have re-downloaded the recommended mdk found at this page h
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