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  1. Alright, that seemed to work. I think I might have a different problem now... They both have the same error. getMobSettings can't be applied to EntityClassification classification and BiomeLoadingEvent can't be applied to EntityType<capture<?>>, int, int, int
  2. I've been following Harry Talks' tutorials on Minecraft modding, and I've gotten to the one on entities. In his entity list Java class, he writes the following line of code to allow his custom mob to spawn in all biomes. public static void registerEntityWorldSpawn(EntityType<?> entity, EntityClassification classification, Biome... biomes) { for(Biome biome : biomes) { if(biome != null) { biome.getMobSettings(classification).add(new SpawnListEntry(entity, 0, 0, 0)); } } } When I tried to use the same line of code, SpawnListEntr
  3. Yeah, I think the problem was that I started out from IntelliJ. I pushed the repo to GitHub, but no files are showing up. I can't delete the repo and start over, I don't know how to add files... It's very hopeless over here.
  4. I've looked for over an hour trying to figure out how to push a repo to GitHub and the tutorials online do not make sense. So could you please explain how to push a repo, or look at the code to find this "stupid typo that I made and can't find myself" even though I don't know how to even apply a custom armor model to code in the first place so how could I know what is or isn't a typo, or could you find someone who can? I understand that looking at someone else's code is boring and often doesn't make sense, and I do want to make this work for both of us, but I can't post a repo of the mod until
  5. I'm not understanding how to push the repo (github has always been over my head). Are you sure there isn't something else I could provide you for help? No one else has needed a repo to help with my other problems before...
  6. So, how do I post the repo anyway? I can't find a file or anything where I told it to go, so is there something I have to do in my IDE?
  7. Uhh, I just made a repository and all of my .jsons and .javas turned red. That's not scary at all.
  8. I've never posted a Git repo before, so I don't know how to.
  9. See, I already tried telling Minecraft where the texture was in ArgentumChestplate.java, and that didn't work. I tried your method anyway, and I got the exact same results. Here's my new code.
  10. I just finished coding all of the fun bits to create a custom model for my chestplate, but when I tested it, there was no texture. The texture png is in the right place and the armor java class refers to it, so I'm not sure what's going on. It's the only thing about the armor that doesn't work.
  11. The armor works! I think I may have screwed up the model in blockbench, but now that I know how this stuff works, it'll be an easy fix. Thank you so much!
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