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  1. Good to know. Thank you for your help, and sorry for not understanding earlier.
  2. You know, the code thingy. In the DefaultBiomeFeatures you sent me to, each builder has a different p_ number thing, like p_243731_0_ or p_243734_0_. I didn't know if I needed one, but apparently event.getSpawns() works. The instructions about removing the bloodghastSpawns were unclear, but I think it should look something like this. You know, without the errors. The underlined section in red is asking for an EntityClassification, and I gave it an EntityType. But I don't believe I have a classification to give it. I tried 'classification' and 'PlaneswalkerEntities.classification' but those didn't work.
  3. Which method is wrong and how would I use the event? I can't do much about it if you're not specific. In addition, I believe I had asked what the p_ builder number thing was for this specific instance. When looking at the farm animal code and the monster code, there were two different p_ things. (I don't know what they're called, I just dislike their existence)
  4. Ok, so I have this now. Is there a specific code I need to enter in genericName's place (I chose a temporary name because I didn't know what to use) or can I name it something easier to remember?
  5. Ok, how would I register it? Is there an annotation or something?
  6. I know this isn't all of what you were asking, but I wanted to know if I was on the right track. I'm not sure where to go from here. Not sure where to check for methods, or what logic to code in.
  7. They are examples for printing out text in the console whenever an event goes off, not for telling a custom entity what biomes and conditions it can spawn in. I've followed all of HarryTalks' 1.14/1.15 tutorials up to now (he has a play list in order on YouTube) and I haven't had problems like this before. I refuse to believe that I need to subscribe the event when he doesn't have to in the tutorial. Yeah, I know they're old, but the only change that I know of between those versions and the current ones is MCP to Mojang. I shouldn't have to deviate from the tutorial this much to make a simple mob. I'm going to be royally pissed if I need to go and find myself a third tutorial on how to mod Minecraft. Because then I'll have to delete an entire month's worth of work and start over when I was under the assumption that by this point, I would be able to code in simple entities, dimensions, guis, and items and I could begin actually getting somewhere with my mod. I apologize if I no longer sound polite, but I am angry, depressed, and consumed by the thought that I will have to give up on this project. So I will ask again. Why can't Forge resolve the symbol SpawnListEntry, or in this new version, BiomeLoadingEvent, when in HarryTalks' tutorial, there's no such issue? Here are each of the error messages. This is all I have. 'getMobSettings()' in 'net.minecraft.world.biome.Biome' cannot be applied to '(net.minecraft.entity.EntityClassification)' 'BiomeLoadingEvent(net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation, net.minecraft.world.biome.Biome.Climate, net.minecraft.world.biome.Biome.Category, float, float, net.minecraft.world.biome.BiomeAmbience, net.minecraftforge.common.world.BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder, ...)' in 'net.minecraftforge.event.world.BiomeLoadingEvent' cannot be applied to '(net.minecraft.entity.EntityType<capture<?>>, int, int, int)'
  8. 1. I have no clue where to put the code 2. There's barely any code to begin with So, I'm guessing here. I'm starting by creating an Event Handler class. I don't know what to put in it.
  9. I believe I already did up above when I sent those screenshots. If you need me to try/show something else, let me know.
  10. How would I get my code to that point then?
  11. Well, I guess I got a bad tutorial then.
  12. Even if I was to go back and find another Java tutorial, I would just end up coming back here to ask the exact same questions, because no regular Java tutorial would cover Forge. But, if you're okay with rehashing this conversation in a few days/hours/etc., then I'll do it.
  13. Pretty sure @SubscribeEvent is part of Forge, not Java. It wasn't covered in the tutorials I found online. However, if you could recommend a video or something of how to use @SubscribeEvent, that would be great. I searched for some on YouTube and I was only able to find tutorials on Event Listeners and stuff.
  14. It didn't work. I got an error that I couldn't put annotations anywhere other than the line directly above the start of the code, in this case, above public static void registerEntityWorldSpawn. I reread the article, and tried various things, but it's still not working. First, I tried to do what was shown in the first example and put the code in public class staticForgeEventHandler and subscribe the event inside, but I got this: After this didn't work, I tried to add that register thing at the end of the second example, but that didn't work at all.
  15. I read it. Not all of it made sense, but I read it. I thought that maybe the issue was that the whole thing was subscribed, rather than just the part that used vanilla minecraft events.
  16. Well, if I put @SubscribeEvent anywhere else in that section, it says 'annotations are not allowed here.'
  17. I think I did it wrong, because it doesn't do anything.
  18. Alright, that seemed to work. I think I might have a different problem now... They both have the same error. getMobSettings can't be applied to EntityClassification classification and BiomeLoadingEvent can't be applied to EntityType<capture<?>>, int, int, int
  19. I've been following Harry Talks' tutorials on Minecraft modding, and I've gotten to the one on entities. In his entity list Java class, he writes the following line of code to allow his custom mob to spawn in all biomes. public static void registerEntityWorldSpawn(EntityType<?> entity, EntityClassification classification, Biome... biomes) { for(Biome biome : biomes) { if(biome != null) { biome.getMobSettings(classification).add(new SpawnListEntry(entity, 0, 0, 0)); } } } When I tried to use the same line of code, SpawnListEntry said that that it can't be resolved. I'm guessing that it's old MCP that needs to be translated to Mojang, but the Linkie Bot can't figure it out. Here's the Java class I wrote and a link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAwTCVl9Z4U&t=348s
  20. Yeah, I think the problem was that I started out from IntelliJ. I pushed the repo to GitHub, but no files are showing up. I can't delete the repo and start over, I don't know how to add files... It's very hopeless over here.
  21. I've looked for over an hour trying to figure out how to push a repo to GitHub and the tutorials online do not make sense. So could you please explain how to push a repo, or look at the code to find this "stupid typo that I made and can't find myself" even though I don't know how to even apply a custom armor model to code in the first place so how could I know what is or isn't a typo, or could you find someone who can? I understand that looking at someone else's code is boring and often doesn't make sense, and I do want to make this work for both of us, but I can't post a repo of the mod until I understand how, and right now, I haven't the faintest clue what to do.
  22. I'm not understanding how to push the repo (github has always been over my head). Are you sure there isn't something else I could provide you for help? No one else has needed a repo to help with my other problems before...
  23. So, how do I post the repo anyway? I can't find a file or anything where I told it to go, so is there something I have to do in my IDE?
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