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  1. How the atlas texture works? I'm confused, why the model needs two resource locations?
  2. I'm creating a custom renderer to a tile entity. But my texture does not render. Here's my code:
  3. I'm trying to cancel the armorRenderer to make a "complete invisibility effect". I've tried the RenderPlayerEvent, but I didn't get anywhere.
  4. These things you've said interferes in the problem?
  5. I'm from Brazil, and I'm used to code in portuguese. Like "items" in english is "itens" in portguese. Here it is the Essence class, and the EssenceItem class. I created 2 different classes to separete and simplify some things.
  6. Here it is the part of the code, the Item: and the entities' :
  7. How do I set the priority? "FML" it is something that I don't understand.
  8. I'm trying create an item that holds an entity(like an "SpawnEggItem"). But when I try to register the item with an created entity, this entity wasn't been registered yet. There's a priority system to these events? This is my code btw:
  9. Thanks It work. But for the item texture(not the armor model). I see that Dyable items need to be registered in the "ItemColors". There is an event to do it? -Forget it, just see the ColorHandlerEvent.
  10. I'm making an Dyable armor, but I don't know how the overylay textures work. I use the "getArmorTexture" in the other armors that I've make, and it worked, but in Dyable Armor it doesn't. Here's this method: @Nullable @Override public String getArmorTexture(ItemStack stack, Entity entity, EquipmentSlotType slot, String type) { if(stack.getItem() instanceof MagicArmor){ if(slot.getIndex() == 1){ return new ResourceLocation(ExampleMod.MOD_ID, "textures/models/armor/magic_armor_layer_2_overlay.png").toString(); } return new R
  11. To change the texture based on tick, which predicate I'll use? I tried exactly with the "pulling" and "pull" of the bow texture. But, it didn't work.
  12. I was creating an Item that dashes the player when release the button(the force of the dash is based on the time pressing the button). And, for this item, I want to make a texture with different sprites in every stage(more like the bow pulling texture). I think the predicates can be useful to aply different sprites, but is it the best way to do it? If someone knows I'll be grateful.
  13. It worked, thanks. When the player dies, the capability should reset? If yes, how do I do to no reset?
  14. Ok, with an example the things just get so many clear now. Thanks btw. But, I'm confused. How do I register this Capability. I mean, I tried but, with the serialization, there is no IStorage. I looked in your code, and do not find a field that you register the cap.
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