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  1. I was double checking to see with the debugger, but I had not seen the problem, I finally managed to fix it here, thank you very much.
  2. Oh I'm sorry, now It's fixed in the repository. To see the problem you must right click an item called "Wand"(Artifacts tab). This way you'll launch an amethyst boulder, when it stops bouncing, if you press right click again you'll launch another boulder, but, the one that is in the ground will rotate too.
  3. Oh, I see. Sorry, here's the repository https://github.com/luccaPossamai/M.O.Hard-FORGE. I will send the renderers registration anyway.
  4. All the other entities model work fine.
  5. Hello, I'm making an Entity that extends AbstractArrow, but when I was making the Renderer and the Model. I realized that the "setupAnim(...)" method was running on entities that it shouldn't run on. In the case, an entity's "animation" was running on another entity animation. I think the problem is in the renderer, here's the code. Here's the Model class too:
  6. I'm trying to render a mana bar, I created a capability to store the mana information. I made it regen in PlayerTickEvent in server side. When im tryed to render the bar, the capability only return the information for the local player. I see that the Vanilla render these elements by the entityData. There is any form that I can render this?
  7. Im trying to update my mod to 1.19, but I'm having issues in the Registration part. In the 1.18 version this problem did not happen. I really don't know whats happening. It keep sending this error message: The line it mentioned:
  8. I think I fixed, befor I summon the armor stand, I changed the bounding box to 0,0,0. Nop, the problem continues
  9. Hello, I'm trying to make an damage indicator. When a entity receive damage a floating text appears showing the damage. I've tried to use a renamed invisible armor stand, but doing this, the armor stand hitbox stay in the front of the entity hit box, and it disturbs the player's aim. When the player tries to attack, he hit the armor stand.
  10. I want to make the item decrease its durability when it is used. I mean, "hurt" the item when the player tries to use it seems like the better option. I've tried to call it when inside the elytraFlightTick method and cancel the flight later, the item durability reduces, but the player keep starting the boring flight animation. Sorry if i wrote a little weird, i'm not very good at english.
  11. Is there any other way to do it, I mean, use this method with other context?
  12. Yes, the level is client side. How can I call this method right?
  13. I'm trying to make an jetpack, but I can't make the item receive damage. I think it has something to do with the client side. Here's the code:
  14. here it is: luccaPossamai/Outro1.18 (github.com) (some words are written in portuguese)
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