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  1. here it is: luccaPossamai/Outro1.18 (github.com) (some words are written in portuguese)
  2. I used, but it indicates the correct mana, it's running the code inside the statement, but the method entity.hurt is not working dunno why.
  3. I removed this line: ManaCapability manaCapability = player.getCapability(ModCapabilities.MANA_CAPABILITY).orElse(null); and the if statement : if (manaCapability.getMana() >= this.manaCost) {
  4. I created a capability to store player's mana. This mana is used to control the player of casting items. In a method inside an item class I call the mana capability to verify if the player have the amount of mana required to cast the item. But, when I tried to use in game, the item went into recharge(cooldown) but the entity that I punched was not hurt. When I remove the line code of the capability, everything works. The method:
  5. Oh you're right I created a loop. But this not solve the problem
  6. I'm confused, it's right to have a provider for each capability, or only need to have one for all of them?
  7. I created a new capability, but when I call player.getCapability it returns me the wrong capability. It returns me a capability that I created before. This event is giving an error: And this error appears:
  8. I'm creating an Axe item that can be thrown by the player. But im having trouble to create the model of the entity that represents the thrown axe. There's a way to render or create the model with a existing method? Just to know if I'll have to create a ThrownAxeModel to it's renderer.
  9. I've created a "IIngameOverlay", to that overlay I'm trying to get an specific attribute value of the player, but always return 0.0. Someone can help me? Exactly in this method, the value return 0:
  10. Hi, I'm trying to update the version of my mod. But I'm really confused, I've seen about mappings and dependencies. Someone could help me?
  11. I'm creating a cactus plant for a custom desert biome. I'm having trouble with the blocks that sustain the plant. I'm trying to override the "canSustainPlant" method, but, in the game, the cactus could only be planted in normal sand. Other trouble I have is with the model of the cacti. My code: And my actual cactus model:
  12. I don't know how to explain, but, look at this picture. There are 2 blocks of sand, and the top texture of the both are different(rotated).
  13. I didn't mean this kind of rotation, I men the rotation of the sand or gravel that only the top side texture is rotated.
  14. I'm trying to create a rotated variant, like sand. I've seen the createRotatedVariantBlock method in the BlockModelProvider class. But, I do not know how to apply in a mod block. There's a way to do it?
  15. How the atlas texture works? I'm confused, why the model needs two resource locations?
  16. I'm creating a custom renderer to a tile entity. But my texture does not render. Here's my code:
  17. I'm trying to cancel the armorRenderer to make a "complete invisibility effect". I've tried the RenderPlayerEvent, but I didn't get anywhere.
  18. These things you've said interferes in the problem?
  19. I'm from Brazil, and I'm used to code in portuguese. Like "items" in english is "itens" in portguese. Here it is the Essence class, and the EssenceItem class. I created 2 different classes to separete and simplify some things.
  20. Here it is the part of the code, the Item: and the entities' :
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