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  1. Hi Modders, I'm interested in making a fluid in 1.16.x, but I'm running into an issue with textures not loading for the liquid; I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fluid tags as well, but I'm not sure. Here's my code for registering the fluid: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber public class FluidMod { public static final AmbrosiaFluid.Source AMBROSIA = (AmbrosiaFluid.Source) new AmbrosiaFluid.Source().setRegistryName(BaseMod.MODID, "ambrosia"); public static final AmbrosiaFluid.Flowing AMBROSIA_FLOWING = (AmbrosiaFluid.Flowing) new AmbrosiaFluid.Flowing().setRegistryName(BaseMod.MODID, "ambrosia_flowing"); public static final class Tags extends ForgeRegistryEntry<Tags> { public static final ITag.INamedTag<Fluid> AMBROSIA = FluidTags.makeWrapperTag("ambrosia"); } @SubscribeEvent public static void registerFluids(RegistryEvent.Register<Fluid> event) { event.getRegistry().register(AMBROSIA); event.getRegistry().register(AMBROSIA_FLOWING); } } And here is the class for the fluid itself: public abstract class AmbrosiaFluid extends FlowingFluid { @Override public Fluid getFlowingFluid() { return FluidMod.AMBROSIA_FLOWING; } @Override public Fluid getStillFluid() { return FluidMod.AMBROSIA; } @Override protected boolean canSourcesMultiply() { return true; } @Override protected void beforeReplacingBlock(IWorld worldIn, BlockPos pos, BlockState state) { // If it runs over some grass, what does it do? } /* The shape that this thing forms when it flows out. */ @Override protected int getSlopeFindDistance(IWorldReader worldIn) { return 4; // Same value as water and lava. } /* How far it goes out; water and lava are both 8. */ @Override protected int getLevelDecreasePerBlock(IWorldReader worldIn) { return 3; } /* */ @Override public Item getFilledBucket() { return ItemMod.BUCKET_AMBROSIA; } @Override protected boolean canDisplace(FluidState p_215665_1_, IBlockReader p_215665_2_, BlockPos p_215665_3_, Fluid p_215665_4_, Direction p_215665_5_) { return false; } @Override public int getTickRate(IWorldReader p_205569_1_) { return 60; } @Override protected float getExplosionResistance() { return 100.0f; } @Override protected BlockState getBlockState(FluidState state) { return BlockMod.AMBROSIA_BLOCK.getDefaultState().with(FlowingFluidBlock.LEVEL, Integer.valueOf(getLevelFromState(state))); } @Override public boolean isEquivalentTo(Fluid fluidIn) { return fluidIn == FluidMod.AMBROSIA || fluidIn == FluidMod.AMBROSIA_FLOWING; } @Override protected FluidAttributes createAttributes() { return FluidAttributes.builder( new ResourceLocation(BaseMod.MODID, "textures/block/ambrosia.png"), new ResourceLocation(BaseMod.MODID, "textures/block/ambrosia_flowing.png")) .translationKey("block.examplemod.ambrosia") .build(this); } public static class Flowing extends AmbrosiaFluid { @Override protected void fillStateContainer(StateContainer.Builder<Fluid, FluidState> builder) { super.fillStateContainer(builder); builder.add(LEVEL_1_8); } @Override public boolean isSource(FluidState state) { return false; } @Override public int getLevel(FluidState state) { return state.get(AmbrosiaFluid.LEVEL_1_8); } } public static class Source extends AmbrosiaFluid { @Override public boolean isSource(FluidState state) { return true; } @Override public int getLevel(FluidState state) { return 8; } } } Here is the JSON in the "resources/assets.examplemod/blockstates" folder: { "variants": { "": { "model": "examplemod:block/ambrosia" } } } And the JSON in the "resources/assets.examplemod/models/block" folder: { "textures": { "particle": "examplemod:block/ambrosia" } } In "resources/assets.examplemod/textures/block", I have the following mcmeta files accompanying the textures: ambrosia.png.mcmeta: { "animation": { "frametime": 2 } } ambrosia_flowing.png.mcmeta: { "animation": {} } In "resources/data.examplemod/tags/fluids" I have the following file, "ambrosia.json": { "replace": false, "values": [ "examplemod:ambrosia", "examplemod:ambrosia_flowing" ] } Currently, the fluid appears to be working except for the fact that the texture displays as a purple-black checker pattern. Is it maybe the ambrosia_flowing.png.mcmeta file? All the textures are in the textures folder for blocks. I would really appreciate assistance; I'm actually doing this for a tutoring job (I tutor Minecraft modding on a very basic level), and I would really appreciate insight into what I could do to get the texture to appear. Thank you and thanks in advance!
  2. That was very helpful. I went and got myself JDK 8u291. Thanks!
  3. Hi There, Forge is giving me an error when I run the gradlew genEclipseRuns command in the mod project root folder. My current specs are: JDK 16.0.1 (64-bit version) Forge MDK 1.16.5 Eclipse I do not have the JRE installed as my Eclipse didn't like the version of the JVM associated with it. When I installed the JRE, Eclipse gave me an error upon startup saying "Incompatible JVM. Version 1.8.0_261 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version: 11 or greater is required" or something almost exactly along those lines. I realize that not having the JRE installed might cause a bit of a facepalm among the seasoned Java developers here (in case it wasn't already readily apparent, I'm not a seasoned Java developer). I wasn't sure how essential it was to have the JRE if I already have the JDK installed. Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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