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  1. i removed the mod, it was very basic so i thought maybe removing it would fix the issue and not be much of a loss but the error is the same
  2. ive completely removed the mod (it wasnt much of a loss) and the error still happens just the same so i dont believe the mod was the issue
  3. Hello im trying to run runClient to debug my mod and im getting errors when it tries to compile java, ill post the errors and maybe you guys will know how to resolve them Error #1 Caused by: org.gradle.internal.resolve.ModuleVersionNotFoundException: Cannot resolve external dependency net.minecraftforge:accesstransformers:1.0.+ because no repositories are defined. Error #2 Execution failed for task ':compileJava'. > Could not resolve all files for configuration ':compileClasspath'. > Could not find net.minecraftforge:forge:1.16.5-36.1.23_mapped_official_1.16.5.
  4. Hello, i am having trouble launching minecraft from my eclipse client, i havent changed any settings or anything but when i try to run the client i get this output in the console [2021-05-18 12:52:43] [INFO ] Natives: C:\Users\deeznutz\Desktop\forge-1.12.2\build\natives [2021-05-18 12:52:43] [INFO ] Main Class: net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch [2021-05-18 12:52:43] [INFO ] Srg2Mcp: C:\Users\deeznutz\Desktop\forge-1.12.2\build\createSrgToMcp\output.srg [2021-05-18 12:52:43] [INFO ] Extra: [--version,, 1.12.2,, --assetIndex,, 1.12,, --assetsDir,, C:\Users\deeznutz\.gradle\caches
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