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  1. Try: gradlew genEclipseRuns --refresh-dependencies and after that: gradlew eclipse Then simply open eclipse and import it as an already existing gradle project
  2. Recently I've been making a few custom commands for a mod I'm working on, and although making custom commands is easy enough, making them have optional arguments (E.g. Who to target being defaulted to @p) is quite a pain as it requires method overloading (from what I've been doing anyway) causing a lot of duplicated code. Is there a better method to make optional arguments with default values without method overloading and or excessive amounts of code duplication?
  3. I-- wooow. I went over DamageSource and couldn't even see it. I feel so dumb right now for missing it. Thanks man.
  4. How can I use LivingHurtEvent to detect if the source of damage came from an explosion? So far I have only figured out how to detect it for all types of living entities, such as SpiderEntity, CreeperEntity, or even simply just LivingEntity, but I can't find out how to detect if the source was from an explosion.
  5. How do I go about storing custom player data such as a mana count for each individual player? I believe it has something to do with NBT however I can't find much on it for 1.16 Forge Modding.
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