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  1. I originally typed this up as a reply to a different thread, but decided not to hijack it with a tangent. I've been trying to avoid having to make my own block class to change the bee anger mechanics and it looks like I can accomplish that by creating an event handler? Specifically, making an event handler class for `RightClickBlock`, do my own check, and then effectively override the `onBlockActivation` method by passing DENY to setUseBlock, ALLOW to setUseItem, and run my own code on the BlockState? Because this all sounds good, except I can't figure out how to get the target BlockState from the event. Is there something I can do with `getPos()` to pull the blockstate at that position, or is there attached information on the event that I'm missing?
  2. I'm writing this well aware that I'm probably wasting five minutes of my time asking how to do something impossible, but here goes anyway. I want to have two "tiers" of recipes for a type of wooden object - let's use the chest as an example, and the chest variants like in Quark. Making variants for each type of wood is easy, I don't need help with that. What I'd like to do is also have a recipe where you can use a mix of planks - any mix of planks - and it creates a "default" version of the item. The obvious problem there is that if I do it the straightforward way and just use the `wood_planks` tag in the pattern, it'll conflict with the single-wood variants. So! Is there any way to specify in a recipe that the ingredients can be anything within a tag, as long as there are at least two different ingredients from the tag? And if not (since there probably isn't), is there any way to set things up so the game will only use the "default" recipe if there is no other matching recipe?
  3. Ah, great! I only just finished setting all that up last night, I'll take a look through it today. You've been a huge help, thanks so much!
  4. Ohhh. Okay! I've been trying to find the vanilla code and also not been able to find anything about where it is, so it sounds like that's the root of my problem. Where is it? (And yeah, my best guess is that the check is done on the hive itself, so that's where I wanted to look first.)
  5. Okay, great! Well, great in the sense that this answers my question with "unfortunately it doesn't exist", oh nooo. That all makes sense for figuring out how things work, but how do people go the other way - if you know the thing that happens, how do you find the method that controls it? I'm specifically looking into campfires, beehives/nests and bees, and I've collected all the relevant information about tags, block states etc. that's available on the official Minecraft wiki, but I was hoping to get a look at how exactly those interact. Is trial and error really the only way?
  6. 1. Yes. I am also sufficiently familiar with OOP in general to understand the necessary concepts and to find, understand and reference code examples to implement specific functionality. 2. I've read it. 3. I hadn't seen this one before and it looks very useful, thank you! There! I have done the things you asked. Now, on to my remaining questions. Are those the closest to library documentation that exist for making Forge mods? There is nothing out there that documents, for example, the IGrowable class, what methods it has, etc? Or that would allow you to find out that the IGrowable class exists to define growable plants in the first place? These docs are very useful for general concepts, and the wiki has a good number of specifics listed in certain categories, but they're still quite general and not what I was asking about. Just in case you're unfamiliar, library documentation is usually something like this (a small display library) or this (a game engine library). They describe the classes, methods, functions, modules, etc. that are available within the library, what parameters they take, and what they're used for. I've been trying to find something similar for Forge to no avail.
  7. I'll keep it short. I have a very specific idea of what I want to do, and I have several possible approaches outlined in how to implement it. However, I am being completely stymied by not being able to find any actual library documentation. How is someone new to Forge/Minecraft supposed to find the classes and functions that need to be extended or overloaded in the first place? I know the information has to be around somewhere but I can't find it. (Disclaimer: I'm an experienced amateur programmer/game dev but have basically no Java-specific experience, and this is my first serious look at making my own mod.)
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