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  1. A while ago, I noticed that If I leave my pc open for a bit (Until the gradle Daemon terminates it self timeout). Now IntelliJ needs a new daemon to run the operation, but instead it just doesn't manage to run. I have to restart my whole machine.. Getting Spammed With this:- Last gradle process just crashes with Address already in use: Cannot bind. And now gradle is all over my pc:- PLEASE HELP! It takes 20% of my memory and sometimes causes the pc to crash.
  2. Aha thats why it didnt get imported, whats the updated name? I used this code from an online source
  3. Here is what I tried:- private void doSmoothYawTurn(float yaw, float pitch, EntityPlayer player) { if (player.rotationYaw <= 180F) { for (int i = (int)player.rotationYaw; i != yaw ; i++) { player.rotationYaw = i; } } else { for (int i = (int)player.rotationYaw; i != yaw ; i--) { player.rotationYaw = i; } } player.rotationPitch = pitch; } But sadly, The game just freezes.
  4. But... No one replied with a useful reply from 10 hours ??
  5. I tried to do that. But I couldn't find how to get the needed YAW number to set the player to. How can i do that?
  6. True, but i needed help tho.. and no one was answering
  7. I need help in getting the position of an enderman, then setting the YAW Head position to where that enderman is standing relatively to the player. Can I do something like that?
  8. I know this question might be dumb but.. player.setRotationYawHead doesnt work for some reason.
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