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  1. I'm pretty sure they have to be in the "mods" folder, not in another folder inside the mods folder. Try taking them out of the 1.16.5 folder and putting the files straight into the mods folder.
  2. Oof, good to know. And thanks for the link! I can figure the rest out from there if it doesn't translate straight over.
  3. The using tags in code section of the forge docs describes using one set of functions but the example is completely different. Which should I be following?
  4. This is a huge mess but I'd start with the top line there Especially since later on it says
  5. (I don't have a Forge solution so general debugging advice here) Did you manage to track down where exactly it's not working, or is the "not setting it" just a description of the effects? If you aren't sure where exactly it's not working the way it's supposed to, what I like to do to narrow down the issue is put in debug log lines that echo the status of the variables or code at all the steps of the process that's not working. Echoing your input/output for your set and get methods to console, for example, or checking the status of your items list at each step to see where it changes, or doesn't change, and so on. Then you can track down exactly which function call(s) aren't working right and try alternatives for them.
  6. Ahhhh, got it. That's what I get for going and doing my own thing haha edit: Made that change and it all works perfectly now, thanks!
  7. Hmm. Can you make the other mod a dependency and then call the methods from the other mod directly? I'm not experienced at all in mods let alone inter-mod functionality, but if that's possible, it'd be the right way to do it, I think.
  8. Hmm, that all looks fine, I'm not sure why it's not showing up for you. Are you getting any loading errors for the advancement in your debug log or console output? Also, FYI, the "requirements" item is optional; if all your criteria are required, you can just leave it off.
  9. Ultimately this wound up with the field being an Item instead of a Block but I'm running into a small bump again here. After saving and reloading the world, the field seems to be returning "air" instead of the item it's supposed to be. It seems to be because I'm using custom items and the string-to-item conversion is assuming the 'minecraft' namespace, but I can't figure out how to do the item-to-string with the namespace included. This is what I have right now: public void load(BlockState state, CompoundNBT nbt) { super.load(state, nbt); this.honeyType = null; String saved_honey = nbt.getString("Honey"); this.honeyType = ForgeRegistries.ITEMS.getValue(new ResourceLocation(saved_honey)); } public CompoundNBT save(CompoundNBT nbt) { super.save(nbt); nbt.putString("Honey", this.honeyType.toString()); return nbt; }
  10. In the package net.minecraft.command there is a class Commands.class that has the functions that execute commands. If you read the code you'll be able to see how it's done.
  11. It looks like you have Optifine in there which is client-side only
  12. Ah! Perfect! I'll take a look at those functions, they look like exactly what I was trying to dig up.
  13. Hmm, I wonder what I did wrong, then. I changed all the settings to point to Java 8 instead of 16 and then whenever I tried to run it, it told me that it wouldn't work on that version. Well, the older version is a good back-up for cases where changing the settings isn't working for whatever reason, at least.
  14. I had to install an older version of Eclipse from mid-2020 to work with java 8; the current version refused to run when I told it to use 8. If you have a fresh Eclipse install and it's running, it's probably ignoring your jdk 8 path and using the version 16 one instead. Here is the version of Eclipse I'm using.
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