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  1. How do I use it? (are you from germany? xD)
  2. Hey, how can i make a Mod, where the player sends every 2 minutes a message without using an command? I know how I can make that using a Command, but I cant use this command on a server
  3. My error was in the build.gradle file i think, but I just created a new Project and copied the code from the old project to the new project and it worked
  4. uhhh... I solved it... do I have to delete this post?
  5. wait, I create a new Project. I didn't coded something special.
  6. Okay, I fixed th error, but i can only see in the Mod List: Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, FOrge Mod Loader and Minecraft Forge.
  7. I can't see the name of the mod. No, but i get an error now: 'Launching CLient' has encountered a problem. Variable referencec empty selection: ${project_loc}
  8. Hey, I coded a minecraft mod in eclipse and pressed run. But if i click on the mods button, I cant see the Mod. Can someone help me why?
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