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  1. I guess I mean neater. This way I don't have to potentially use return CONFIGURED_EXAMPLE_STRUCTURE and possibly merging methods together in one class or... tbh I'm not entirely sure how I'd successfully go about not doing it as a static initializer whilst still functioning but I'm after attempting to for bit, it seems like it'd be a lot messier
  2. I made use of this tutorial when learning ore gen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s1x4Z87Aw8
  3. But since I'm using CONFIGURED_EXAMPLE_STRUCTURE in the biomeModification method and calling my new Configured Structure class using the setup method with event.enqueueWork, is a static initializer not the most efficient way?
  4. Definitely my bad for not realising I didn't register my STRUCTURES DeferredRegister. I've moved the Configured Structure code to its own class so it should only be accessed after registry. Not sure if that's the best solution? But it does work now. Thanks very much for the help!
  5. So I've essentially been trying to replicate this tutorial code as its the best info I could find on custom structures: https://github.com/TelepathicGrunt/StructureTutorialMod and it makes use of event.enqueueWork. I've tried replacing it but can't find anything else that would work. You can see my methods in this gist: https://gist.github.com/DireTook/dd13728e54cc58a2615d8ebf9f7ed167 registerConfiguredStructures() should just register my structure as a configured structure whilst setupStructures() should add the separation settings. What made me think it doesn't actually call the methods, is that I was simply putting a System.out.println("REACHED HERE"); and seeing if it printed. It did print if placed above event.enqueueWork but not when placed in the Structure methods.
  6. I been further trying to figure this out and believe I've narrowed it down to my FMLCommonSetupEvent event. It seems to call setup but not actually call either method inside the event.enqueueWork() at any point. So my configured structure is never actually registered before my BiomeLoadingEvent event? Do anyone know what would be causing this?
  7. Hey! I'm trying to create a custom structure and get the title error a little after clicking create world. I've attached the crash log, thanks in advance for any help. crash-2021-08-12_22.46.33-server.txt
  8. That worked! Thank you very much! Although the Minecraft folder didn't show in my main directory till I tried to add the tags.block folder to it in the Project and External Dependencies which I found odd. Maybe that's normal eclipse thing I've not experienced yet
  9. Its src/main/resources/data.tutorialmod_uniqueid309.tags.blocks.mineable.pickaxe.json and src/main/resources/data.tutorialmod_uniqueid309.tags.blocks.needs_stone_tools.json for this I have replaced the "examplemod:example_object" with my names: "tutorialmod_uniqueid309:example_block"
  10. Ah right, I'm completely unfamiliar with tags so apologies. Thanks for the reply though. I've attempted to add as you've said and ended up with two .Jsons under tags.blocks. One for mineable/pickaxe and one for needs_stone_tools both with code similar to: However this doesn't seem to change anything yet and nothing I've found has been clear about the best way to add to blocks to vanilla block tags although custom tags and recipe stuff is talked about a lot. I figured its properly not best to just add my block to the BlockTagProvider class? Is there something I'm missing or am I just going the completely wrong direction?
  11. I've realised .requiresCorrectToolForDrops() is now whats in use instead of .setRequiresTool(). So it seems like .harvestLevel() and .harvestTool() aren't functioning as they should?
  12. Hello, Despite setting the harvestTool, harvestLevel and strength of the block, the mining speed of my block doesn't change regardless of the level of pickaxe or if I use of a supposedly unsuitable tool instead. I get the same mining speed with fists as a netherite pick. The usage of destroy time did increase the mining speed but was still unaffected by tools. I looked at the register for Diorite as it seems to be a similar block, but can't see any reason that would be affected by tools and my block isn't? Could anyone please tell me what I'm missing? I've attempted to add .setRequiresTool() as it was suggested it works in this thread: but that no longer seems to be an option in 1.17 with BlockBehaviour.
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