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  1. Look at how the glass block is registered, there might be a property for that. You'll also most likely need to subscribe to FMLClientSetupEvent and then use ItemBlockRenderTypes#setRenderLayer. You'll need to pass it your block and the render type.
  2. Did you try with vanilla color codes? For example, putting &4 in front of the "Red" will make the string red. You can also try using § instead of &.
  3. Could've just said that. It's setScreen now. For future cases, just join the Forge Discord server, go to bot-commands and do !mcp -c moj <Your Class>
  4. Are you using official mappings or MCP (snapshot) mappings?
  5. As you pointed out yourself, it's Minecraft#displayGuiScreen.
  6. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a newer version of Minecraft to receive supports.
  7. Most people don't do custom dimensions manually anymore. That's ever since Mojank introduced JSON-driven dimensions on which you can find documentation here. If you want more diversity you can do your own generators. Please keep in mind that I haven't messed with the new dimensions yet so if you need more help you'll need to wait for someone else to help.
  8. A similar bug was fixed back in .90 but another one seems to have appeared. There's a PR working on a fix. For the time being, I recommend downgrading to .84.
  9. Use the proper naming convention. Also, learn Java.
  10. We need the full log. Remember to use a paste website for it.
  11. Use the OF website to check if it's compatible with your Forge version. It's a compatibility issue that OF needs to fix, nothing to do with Forge.
  12. I think you need your modid to be all lowercase
  13. Please use a paste site for your logs. Some paste sites are pastebin.com and gist.github.com Anyways, your issue seems to be caused by dungeon crawl.
  14. Why don't you guys read the rules and the pins before posting... Anyways, 1.12 is not supported on this forum. Please update to a newer version of Minecraft to receive support.
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