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  1. Actually yea that's a good point, I'll just call super instead, but also I've figured out why it wasn't working By looking at SweetBerryBush I figured out that you have to replace the block to change the block state, so I just changed my previous state.setValue to world.setBlock(pos, state.setValue(POWER, Math.min(state.getValue(POWER) + 1, 100)), 2); and it all works now.
  2. I added this.registerDefaultState(this.defaultBlockState().setValue(UNSTABLE, Boolean.valueOf(false)) .setValue(POWER, 4)); to the constructor right after the super, but nothing has seemed to change.
  3. I have a custom TNT block which is meant to increase its power by 1 whenever given gunpowder, and I tried to make it put its power in a property instead of just a variable so I'd save, but nothing seems to change despite everything else working correctly. I know the explosion size changes correctly as it worked previously before using properties, and the only thing I've really done since it stopped working was add properties. Block class: TNT entity class Properties class:
  4. I've got capabilities and I was just wondering if there's a way to add a statistic with the value of that capability to the stat menu, so I can make my mod more useable with FTB quests and other similar mods which can take in a statistic to trigger an event
  5. Is there a specific function that's for scrolling because the onMouseScroll and onMouseDrag which I found in it both seem to do nothing
  6. Got it working by using the PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickItem event instead
  7. I'm trying to stop the onItemUse method from a sword that comes from ano ther mod from firing. I've tried cancelling the LivingEntityUseItemEvent but that doesn't seem to stop anything.
  8. What the title says, I want a scrollable screen to fit a bunch of buttons onto.
  9. Post the full log, as that just means some mod is messing with registries and breaking something (I think)
  10. Yep, turns out I just forgot to register it. Thanks!
  11. "Invalid or unsupported recipe type 'danmachi:smithing'" is what I get whenever a world is loaded, despite (I think) registering it. This is the class I'm registering it in The init() method is just called in my main classes constructor, to make sure the class gets loaded. Here's also the full log:
  12. you just have to run it (eg. double click, if it opens notepad then you have the wrong extension), although I don't think you actually have to make a bat file, even if it's a good idea. Just running the forge server jar instead of the normal server jar should be enough
  13. Just copy and paste the text, or just put the url and we can click on it to see the picture
  14. Wow, well I guess if you've zipped it you could try putting it up on filebin? https://filebin.net/
  15. You can try copy & pasting it into pastebin (https://pastebin.com/) if your log is too large or something like that
  16. So this is probably something very difficult to accomplish, but is there a way to have chunks generate vertically in a certain dimension, as I have a vertical dungeon. Due to chunks only having an x and a y it has to do procedural generation, which I'm not very good at making efficiently, on every floor for every chunk, so it can lag a lot. Edit: here's the chunk generator incase needed: https://github.com/ImNotJahan/danmachi-mod/blob/master/v1.16.5/src/main/java/imnotjahan/mod/danmachi/world/dimension/chunkgenerators/DungeonChunkGenerator.java
  17. What java version are you using (run "java -version" to get it)
  18. Sorry for the very late response, but mixed with what you said + looking at the twilight forest source code I was able to get it working
  19. So I'm following the SimpleImpl forge docs (https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.16.x/networking/simpleimpl/), and I'm just on registering packets and I've run into the problem that I don't actually know how to make a packet. In the past I know there were things like IMessage & IMessageHandler, I can't find anything like that for 1.16.5 though. Also the register method for SimpleChannel requires a MSG, which I know is the packet but I can't find any definition for a class or anything named MSG either.
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