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  1. I couldn't really figure out how to do that, but I did find the ChunkGenerator class and tried to make my own class extending it, I have no idea how to register it though as that seems to be done inside of the ChunkGenerator class in a static {} thing (I'm not sure the proper name). So is there any forge registry for registering a ChunkGenerator
  2. You could return it and buy the other version if you bought it recently, but yea what you're doing is piracy
  3. You need the java edition of minecraft to play with mods
  4. I need to get a biome to generate in a very specific shape, and as far as I've found there isn't any way to change much about the generation noise from all the data files. So basically I was just wondering what classes are used for generating the noise and where they're registered so I can try and make a new noise type.
  5. For just showing the player you could look at how the inventory does it, which it does in the renderEntityInInventory method in the InventoryScreen class (at least with offical mappings). This is the code for it, along with explanations on what I think all of the parameters mean This code is all untested however so I'm guessing you'll need a lot of other functions inside of the class, so here's just the entire thing [removed copy-pasted vanilla code] Hope this helps
  6. A lot of the different types I try and use for config files throw up a com.electronwill.nightconfig.core.io.WritingException: Unsupported value type which I'm guessing just means that type isn't supported, so I was just wondering if there's a list of which are, as I couldn't find one anywhere.
  7. It wasn't! This isn't really a good thing but now I figured out that it shouldn't be on the mod bus, and so now it's attaching correctly and the getCapability function is being ran, and everything else seems to be working even without networking (for now at least) so thank you very very much
  8. Bit off-course from the original question, but I've changed my getCapability code to this @Override public <T> LazyOptional<T> getCapability(Capability<T> capability, Direction side) { return capability == STATUS_CAP ? lazyStatus.cast() : LazyOptional.empty(); } based off of what I found in the forge docs on capabilities, but capability is now never equaling STATUS_CAP, so I'm not sure what's going wrong Here's what the STATUS_CAP code looks like: @CapabilityInject(IStatus.class) public static final Capability<IStatus> STATUS_CAP = null; And also the lazyStatus incase that's important private static final LazyOptional<IStatus> lazyStatus = LazyOptional.of(Status::new); Edit: It also looks like the getCapability function isn't used at all? At least that's what I've gotten from placing random System.out.println's everywhere. I'm guessing I'm not registering the capability correctly @SubscribeEvent public void attachCapability(AttachCapabilitiesEvent<Entity> event) { if (!(event.getObject() instanceof PlayerEntity)) return; event.addCapability(new ResourceLocation(Reference.MODID, "status"), new StatusProvider()); } but this seems to be what the docs say to do so I'm not sure if anything's wrong with it
  9. Well that's the right java, it just looks like the installer is to large for some reason. This probably is a problem with cache or something so I'd first try restarting your computer if you haven't done that yet
  10. Then choose C:/program files (x86)/java/bin/java (add .exe if you have file extensions enabled)
  11. What's the path you're using for java when trying to add java to the "open with" menu Edit: also what is the name of the forge installer you're using
  12. Thanks, I'll look at the docs and see if I can get it working
  13. It looks like an issue with betterendforge, and I'm guessing that just the mod is broken as this has seemed to have happened before. Check if the error still happens if you remove it
  14. In 1.12.2 I was able to use messages between the client and server (https://github.com/ImNotJahan/danmachi-mod/tree/master/v1.12.2/src/main/java/imnotjahan/mod/danmachi/network) I can't figure out how to get any of that to work for 1.16.5 though. This is all my capability code IStatus StatusStorage Status StatusProvider Where I'm accessing the capability: StatusGui MonsterBase (Inside die method)
  15. Thanks a lot, turns out you were right and I just had to make the function static
  16. As the title says ClientTickEvent never runs inside of my code. I've tried inside of both forge and mod buses, and I know that the event thing is subscribed because of Auto-subscribing imnotjahan.mod.danmachi.util.subscribers.ForgeEventSubscriber to FORGE As the only thing mentioning the class in my log Here's the class: And here's the full log: Also it's probably important to note that everything works fine in the mod except for this one thing
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