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  1. Hello! whenever I use the processrightclick method it does nothing... here's my code! using the click public void openMarketContainer() { if (Mineclub.controller != null) { Mineclub.controller.processRightClick(Mineclub.player, Mineclub.player.world, Hand.MAIN_HAND); } else { Mineclub.setController(); Mineclub.controller.processRightClick(Mineclub.player, Mineclub.player.world, Hand.MAIN_HAND); } } creating the playercontroller public static void setController() { clienthandler = Minecraft.getInstance().getConnection(); if (clienthandler != null) { controller = new PlayerController(Minecraft.getInstance(), clienthandler); Mineclub.player.sendMessage(new StringTextComponent("Created CONTROLLER"), UUID.fromString("195953ec-9073-4c89-8c96-345821c9ce14")); if (controller == null) { Mineclub.player.sendMessage(new StringTextComponent("CONTROLLER IS NULL"), UUID.fromString("195953ec-9073-4c89-8c96-345821c9ce14")); } } else { Mineclub.player.sendMessage(new StringTextComponent("Client Handler Null"), UUID.fromString("195953ec-9073-4c89-8c96-345821c9ce14")); } }
  2. I think a chest/inventory
  3. I'm trying to get a vanilla container
  4. I'm pretty sure it will be a vanilla one
  5. what is the difference?
  6. Ok let me start over. I don't have a container. No variable, No Title, No Nothing. Now I want get a container. What is the best way to do so?
  7. I'm not sure what container I want to open. Is there a way to get a container with windowId?
  8. Ok. So how would I make a INamedContainerProvider? I've never used it so I don't know how to make one.
  9. Well I'm not making a hacked client... but I can't prove it to you guys either. I'll try and do stuff more on my own from now on as it seems you don't want to help me since I'm making a "Cheat Mod".
  10. Ok. I don't fully understand what writing a server side mod means. Is there a way you could explain it better? And even if I understood I still don't know how to make a server side mod.
  11. How do you do that? And could you still answer my question? will it work on a server?
  12. I unfortunately don't own the server... so could you guys just tell me a autoreconnect mod I could use?
  13. Hello! I'm encountering an error while using api's! I'm currently using Dotenv and JDA and whenever I run them there's always an error like this. encountered an error during the sided_setup event phase java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: /directory/class Could anyone help me out?
  14. will it work on a server?
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