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  1. no, actually it's faster to ask: how do i allow non-op players to tp? i have xaeros world map and minimap, which allows you to set waypoints, but normal players can't tp using them because they don't have permission. is there a way to allow ONLY the tp?
  2. and where can i find those things
  3. yes i'm creating another thread because it seems that it reached the max answers possible to post, so yeah, i would like to create a /sethome and a /home command. If possible even a /warp command, something like "/warp Nick" to teleport to a specific /warp point, how can i do that?
  4. any other plugin? like sponge or something else? i would like to add a /home and some /warp commands but there aren't any mod for that
  5. damn, my bad, yeah i meant bukkit plugins
  6. man, he asked "So it should still be running on 4G even though it displays something else?" the answer is a simple "yes"
  7. so i have a 1.17.1 forge 37.0.13 server with a bunch of mods, but i would like to add a few addons... how can i do that?
  8. yes... a yes shouldn't take much to write forum team...
  9. i'm trying to help you now because when a moderator will see this will block the thread since 1.12.2 isn't supported anymore. i would suggest you to download everything again and see if that works (download the whole server again)
  10. try installing the optifine first to see if that's the problem, from my experience you downloaded a wrong version of optifine, you gotta see what version of forge you downloaded, and then download the optifine version that is compatible with the forge one. Currently i can assure to you (since i'm using it at the moment) that forge 37.0.103 works perfectly with "Preview OptiFine 1.17.1 HD U H1 pre8"
  11. have you accepted the eula? when you create a server, the first time you run the run.bat file it downloads a .txt file called "eula.txt", open it, then delete "false" and write "true" so it would be "eula=true". Save and close eula.txt, then open the .bat file again and it should download everything, mods folder too
  12. since nobody write in this thread i assume nobody want/can help me. What if i switch to hamachi instead? DaemonUmbra you seem to know about it, so i'm going to download hamachi, and see it the server work with that instead of radmin vpn
  13. it isn't set to allow, but it isn't set to deny either... so it should be fine, i tried to allow it tho, nothing changed. To be honest it's really strange... i tired to do another 1.16.5 server but it doesn't work... so i guess it's not strict to 1.17.1 Update: i've set to "allow", but it still doesn't work
  14. it work basically the same as hamachi, but it's a little bit more "hud organized". I saw that 2 years ago there was another person who had this problem, you asked them if a tool could detect his server and he replied "no", i think that's the same problem as the one i have right now
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