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  1. Oh, thanks. This also indeed fixed my texture problem. Thank you very much.
  2. Alright, but how would I get the root NBT tag of an ItemStack? If I just use #getOrCreateTag it will just give me the tag and not the item ID etc right?
  3. Okay let me explain a bit further: So the idea is you create a gui, it will then store all items from the gui as json and then you can load the exact same gui again. If that makes sense. As for how I create the ItemStack: ItemStack item = ItemStack.of(JsonToNBT.parseTag(itemObject.toString())); with itemObject being a JsonObject (the JSON for example showed in my OP)
  4. Do you mean when going from ItemStack to JSON or from JSON to ItemStack?
  5. I read them from a file, it's supposed to be like a customizable thing.
  6. Because I have a bunch of JSON data of items and I want to turn them into actual ItemStacks. JsonToNBT is the first working class I found that does this.
  7. [1.16.5] Hello, when I parse a JSON string to an ItemStack using JsonToNBT#parseTag with JSON seen beneath, the texture of the skull does not get applied. Any way to fix this? All other attributes / properties are being applied just fine. Here is the JSON I am using: { "id": "player_head", "Count": 1, "tag": { "CustomModelData": 100001, "HideFlags": -1, "SkullOwner": { "Id": [ 1334301174, 1630424667, -1957730237, 1373073981 ], "Properties": { "textures": [ { "Value": "ewogICJ0aW1lc3RhbXAiIDogMTYwMTU4MDc5MjcyMiwKICAicHJvZmlsZUlkIiA6ICJlZDUzZGQ4MTRmOWQ0YTNjYjRlYjY1MWRjYmE3N2U2NiIsCiAgInByb2ZpbGVOYW1lIiA6ICIwMTAwMDExMDAxMDAwMDExIiwKICAic2lnbmF0dXJlUmVxdWlyZWQiIDogdHJ1ZSwKICAidGV4dHVyZXMiIDogewogICAgIlNLSU4iIDogewogICAgICAidXJsIiA6ICJodHRwOi8vdGV4dHVyZXMubWluZWNyYWZ0Lm5ldC90ZXh0dXJlL2FmMzgyMzQ1ZmQ3OWZjNzgzNjFjNjFjOTYyMzBjNjk0YzM0NDc5MzU4YWMwYWU0OWM0ZGI3YTYyNGE1YWZlNTQiCiAgICB9CiAgfQp9" } ] } }, "display": { "Name": "{\"italic\":false,\"color\":\"yellow\",\"text\":\"Next \\u003e\"}" } } } Kind regards, Kyllian
  8. Sorry for replying to this old post, well not that old... I don't even have a solution for you but I'm trying to figure out this drawInBatch function out... What exactly is the combinedLightIn and how do you obtain it's value?
  9. Yeah, no problem, I'm just trying to see if anyone else on the forum knows any solutions since I really can't figure this out.
  10. I'm not sure if bumping is allowed on this forum, if not sorry. But was just wondering if anyone else got any ideas?
  11. It seems that the following post seemed to be trying to do about the same as I am. It had a simple solution of using EntityRenderer#drawNameplate, but that function doesn't exist in 1.16.5, and I can't find any renames or alternatives for it except for the original method I mentioned in my OP, but that method is protected and requires an entity.
  12. Problems 1 and 3 mentioned in the OP: 1) The text itself is kind of hard to see. I tried figuring out how to change the opacity for example, but I only managed to change the opacity of the box in its whole which did not help. 3) The text seems to be rotating in the wrong direction compared to the player's YAW.
  13. Yeah, but I'd still be stuck with my other 2 problems though.
  14. Well either would work I guess.
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