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  1. do you know if I can use the "setAggressive" method in the Mob class?. or will this not work?
  2. Okay thanks, I'll test this tomorrow, but for now I am going to bed.
  3. I just need to make the entities not attack the player just like creative, For context I am making a mod where you're a zombie, I already made it where you burn in the sunlight, I just need entities not to attack.
  4. I'm so sorry, The .Json files were the problem, I feel so stupid right now. Thanks for helping.
  5. Nevermind, I think the .json files are wrong, I'll check and see if that is the problem, if so, I am completely sorry for wasting your time
  6. The version I am using is: 1.18.2-40.1.0
  7. When I hover the crosshair over the glass, the glass pane outline appears, but it renders like a normal block, I tried translucent and cutoutMipped, non of these have worked.
  8. Found the problem, Turns out there is a json file called "animals_spawnable_on", and one called "wolves_spawnable_on", And that worked!
  9. So anyone have an Solution? The BIome is working fine and everything else, it is just getting my custom grass to be a valid spawn that is the problem. Also I probably should clarify that hostile mobs spawn, it is just creatures that don't spawn.
  10. here is the block class: public class linaglass extends IronBarsBlock { public linaglass(BlockBehaviour.Properties p_56839_) { super(p_56839_); this.registerDefaultState(this.stateDefinition.any().setValue(NORTH, Boolean.valueOf(false)).setValue(EAST, Boolean.valueOf(false)).setValue(SOUTH, Boolean.valueOf(false)).setValue(WEST, Boolean.valueOf(false)).setValue(WATERLOGGED, Boolean.valueOf(false))); } } and here is the how I registered the RenderType: private void LinaClient(final FMLClientSetupEvent event) { ItemBlockRenderTypes.setRenderLayer(BlockInit.blockeeveelinaglass.get(), RenderType.translucent()); }
  11. So I have a BIome with a custom block has the surface block, But entities do not spawn, I tried using the "valid_spawn.json", but that didn't work. Anyone knows how to fix this?.
  12. Thanks, By any chance do you know how to make it look like glass panes, right now it just renders like a normal block.
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