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  1. It's literally what he said. Where you added this line: e.put(ModEntityTypes.YOUR_ENTITY.get(), EntityClass.setAttributes()); You need to add a @Mod.EventBusSubsriber Like this: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = baseMmod.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) public class ModEventBusEvents { @SubscribeEvent public static void entityAttributeEvent(EntityAttributeCreationEvent event) { event.put(ModEntityTypes.PENGUIN.get(), PenguinEntity.setAttributes()); } } If you don't add a @Mod.EventBusSubscriber your mod won't call this class
  2. Then, I need to construct a new instance each time, but then how can I check if that instance isActive, I've asked on discord too, and diesieben07 told me that I need to track the instance, but idk how, or maybe is there any other way to do that?
  3. Okay, my fail was when i construct it, now i only construct it on logged in, but, now my sound goes wrong when i play it on second time, like, it do not actually play it correctly, just a millisecond. I figured why, but dont know how to fix it. My problem is right here: https://pastebin.com/HrhMiWwu On stop, same if i try to stop it with SoundManager.stop(...)
  4. Yo! I've that code to start a sound: TransformShoutInstance TransformShout = new TransformShoutInstance(CustomSounds.TRANSFORM_SHOUT.get(), SoundSource.VOICE, RandomSource.create()); if (keyEvents.counterTransforming > 0 && !(Minecraft.getInstance().getSoundManager().isActive(TransformShout))) { SoundManager.play(TransformShout); } But is not working, I mean, on !isActive, if It's active it still return me true, any idea?
  5. Okay, i gotcha, if anybody want to know: I had my sounds registered as SoundEvent, so I've created a new class that extends "AbstractTickableSoundInstance", added a constructor and tick method (fn i do not need it) and then used: SoundManager.play(new TransformShout(CustomSounds.TRANSFORM_SHOUT.get(), SoundSource.VOICE, RandomSource.create()));
  6. I need to cast my sounds to SoundInstance, but I can't, there's any way to register my sounds on SoundInstance instead SoundEvent? Or any way to use SoundInstance inside SoundInstance
  7. I cannot invoke them inside a event, cause it is static
  8. Yo, here again. I'm creating a new VFX sounds so I need to manage to stop them. They're working on ClientTickEvent cause I need to start them on press key, like, if player started pressing G, execute a 27s long sound, but I need a way to stop it if player stop pressing G. Btw, that's not really necessary but I would like to know if there's any way to repeat sound on finish. Tnks!
  9. It's fixed, it was my priority, i've just adjusted it to 1 and now it works
  10. Yo! Here again. I've 2 new goals to my Bear entity, but idk they aren't even starting. There's my code: https://pastebin.com/qRgGV7kp
  11. I've seen it on another packet, so i thougth it should be a boolean method, but can it be public void handle?
  12. Yo! Here again. I'm trying to create a Packet to Server, but is actually not working. Is calling my packet correctly, but not updating my data. There's where I call my Packet: https://pastebin.com/ajFJNSK0 And my Packet: https://pastebin.com/02h43R34
  13. Btw, to put a background image, is also with blit? Or there's other way?
  14. Oh okay, i was thinking that too xD, and about the rest of the code? There's something wrong?
  15. Yo, I've a part of my code done, there's something wrong? (I'm mean, yes, but what xD) https://ibb.co/H2N8vcC (GUI Code) https://ibb.co/VwKVT6g (Call screen) Btw, I'm using ItemPickupEvent for now, just to test
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