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  1. Looks like one of your mods wants a different (older) version of create. i.e. you probably have the wrong version of that mod. None of the errors indicate which mod it is only that whatever it is uses mixins and is therefore breaking the classloading. Also read the FAQ. You should post the logs/debug.log to a file sharing site, not the forums.
  2. Read the FAQ at the top of this forum about fixing graphics drivers.
  3. Read the FAQ at the top of this forum about posting the logs/debug.log to a file sharing site.
  4. The log you posted is incomplete and not the required debug.log. Read the FAQ at the top of the forum. The actual error you show is a network protocol error. This is usually caused by mods that were not test in multiplayer by the mod author or are mods for a different version of minecraft/forge with different network formats. Since you say it only happens for people with OP, the issue is likely related to a mod that has custom commands? Usually the only way the find the problem mod is to experiment with removing mods until the issue goes away. Backup your world before removing mods.
  5. https://maven.minecraftforge.net/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.20.1-47.1.46/forge-1.20.1-47.1.46-changelog.txt You need to use the latest version of forge for mods that use that event.
  6. Most of those are broken client side only mods. You need to go through your mods and check which ones say they should not be installed on the server.
  7. Remove all the broken client side only mods from the server. Like rubidium, oculus, legendary tooltips etc. In future before posting, please read the FAQ at the top of this forum, in particular: * DO post the logs/debug.log on a file sharing site. * Do NOT post logs in the forum. * Do use the search function of this forum. You will find questions like this have been answered hundreds of times before.
  8. Optifine issues should be reported to them. https://github.com/Creators-of-Create/Create/issues/5441
  9. Read the FAQ at the top of this forum about updating graphics drivers.
  10. Check you have the latest version then contact the mod author. Please don't post logs in the forum. Use a file sharing site.
  11. From my footer: NOTE: You need to post this log from directly after the crash. If you restart the launcher it will clear that log.
  12. You still didn't read the FAQ/rules post. Summary: * DO post the logs/debug.log to file a sharing site - what you posted is not the debug.log * Do NOT post logs in the forum. What you have posted does not contain an error. So either; * it was truncated by the forum - again don't post logs in the forum (for that and other reasons) * You have a hard crash and the real error will be in the launcher_log.txt But hard crashes like that are usually caused by graphics drivers errors - again read the FAQ.
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