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  1. I haven't made one yet, i'm just checking by printing things in terminal for now. here's what I get :https://pastebin.com/DHv5Nqqk, as you can see the dimensions and hitbox size don't change, before and after I use setSize() it's annoying cause I don't know why. worst case I can still have multiple projectile registrations that would be "big" "medium" "small" etc, it's just less organic and optimized than having one variable size....
  2. I tried, it doesn't work, can you see why ? https://pastebin.com/RDLkWQPb, i'm sure i've missed something. edit: wrong code https://pastebin.com/BxTGGC64
  3. Thanks a lot! By the way, out of curiosity, do I need to respawn the entity, or does it change the size of the already existing entity? Also, someone advised me to use "this.setBoundingBox(this.getBoundingBox().inflate(scale));" what's the difference between the two solutions? Outside of the fact that the bounding box method increases by a flat number.
  4. Hi, i'm trying to make a projectile that could be "charged", that is the item would be clicked and then released, and on release the projectile would spawn with a different size, naturally the longer the item's clicked the bigger the projectile size. pseudo code would look like that: releaseUsing(item, world, entity,time){ //code projectile = new Projectile(size); projectile.shoot(); } but given entity registrations require the attribute "sized(f, f)" : ENTITY_TYPES.register("projectile", ()-> {return EntityType.Builder.<Projectile>of(Projectile::new, EntityClassification.MISC).sized(0.25f,0.25f))) is it even possible to change it? Slimes can "change" size (like there's only one registration of this entity with a size (2,2) ) and they have a method "setSize": https://pastebin.com/hqqvEQRq is it possible to adapt it to a projectile for example ? or are projectileEntities hard coded ? i'm confused
  5. Nevermind, I overridded the inventoryTick() method of the Item class and used player.inventory.contains(stack) to check it the item was there.
  6. I have an item, and i would like it to give some effect when in inventory, ideally anywhere in inventory and not just in hotbar/in hand. So i'm looking for a way to check if it is in inventory on tick, something like "tickInventory" or something
  7. Hi, I want to add an event to an usable item, namely something along the line of "onShiftRightClick", that would be a different behaviour than "onRightClick"/"use()", can't find it and the docs i'm reading aren't really thorough with their explainations... I just wanted to find a list of all supported event as of 1.16.5. Additionnaly if you know a good guide for custom events I'd like that.
  8. I'm currently following some guides and often their files come with function such as "Minecraft.func_71410_x().func_175606_aa()" which, as I understand it, are mapped to "readable" functions. I've already found a github that has a fair amount of these functions and fields mapped, but it is from 2015 and stops at "func_150000". My question is then where can i find this Mojmap up-to-date ?
  9. So I'm getting started and already i have problems. I'm using Eclipse with Forge mdk 1.16.5 - 36.2.20 (the recommended version for 1.16.5), and Java JDK & JRE 1.8.0_321. I'm following the setup tutorials to a T but I end up with errors: https://pastebin.com/c6dfSUeJ https://pastebin.com/grjWxFN4 (when I try and runClient) in addition when setting up my environment I had this message after running gradle commands, but given the builds were considered "successful" I didn't think much of it (yeah i don't know much about gradle) Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 8.0. I've looked around to find a fix but couldn't find one.
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