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  1. Glad to hear we're close to an update, however take as long as you need to. Especially with 1.8 being so close (well, at least snapshots being released), I'm half expecting some mods to miss 1.7 entirely! (You're not the only one sorting out a new place to live either! Good luck with that also.)
  2. The answer to that question in is the following topic: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,15404.0.html
  3. I think there is still a lot of work to be done for it to be ready yet, as there were many changes made to minecraft between 1.6 and 1.7. (Your English is also far better than I often see from native English speakers online a lot of the time )
  4. I just tried the cmd prompt and it says on mine "unable to access jarfile minecraftforge-installer etc". It's also showing in my downloads folder as a WinRAR Archive (it does this by default on any minecraft files (and some other files too) I download after something I did a while ago without knowing how and I've no idea how to fix it). (Brainwave time - I just right clicked on the download file in the folder, opened with java, et voila!) I suppose this could be useful if anyone else has the same situation as myself, even though unlikely, as double clicking on WinRAR Archive files just opens up another folder.
  5. Keep an eye on how far it downloads to. Mine kept crashing when it got to downloading the scala-library but eventually got past it. The only option I know of is to just keep trying. Now that I also have multi-mc I can see why it crashes too: it keeps saying that the connection reset (I assume it means the download connection). Fortunately with multi-mc if you try again it'll just resume the download right from where it crashed so you can effectively "brute force" download it. With the standard launcher it starts the whole download process again so it's more down to luck as to whether it'll work or not as far as I can tell.
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