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  1. Nothing is wrong with making a resource pack. I was just wondering what the 1.9 equivalent of the LanguageRegistry.instance().loadLocalization is. If it's resource packs, awesome, I'll get on that!
  2. Back in the 1.7 days and prior (a long time ago, I know), there used to be a way to load an external lang file, with its map of translations, into the game. For example, I would have a file in the config folder that would be labeled and (just for clarity to the end user) given the extension .lang. Using the line LanguageRegistry.instance().loadLocalization(file.toURI().toURL(),"en_US",false); // I understand that it's a sloppy line, but you get the gist of the use of the loadLocalization function I could load a file of translations into the en_US language in the game. Is there a contemporary equivalent that I could use in order to achieve the same result? If not, how would I go about doing this? Would I need to create a new ResourcePack and load that in? Thanks in advance!
  3. Calm down! There should be a level.dat_old file. It can be used as a replacement for level.dat iirc.
  4. You shouldn't be needing to look in the classes. And you should be able to search in your IDE. - - - And you register the entity like ANY other entity. Because, SURPRISE, it's an entity. EntityRegistry.registerModEntity is the method you should look into, I believe. Hope that helps!
  5. Use GameRegistry.findItem, but make sure the mod is loaded first. You can do this with a soft or hard dependency.
  6. You can use it in core mods before the preInit event is EVER fired.
  7. Um... Nope.AVI. I mean, it's correct, but you can just use public static Logger logger = LogManager.getLogger("MyMod"); and be able to access the logger before the preInit.
  8. There's a way to turn it on in the logger, but I'll be damned if I remember. You need to enable that debug in the logger, if you're going to log debug messages.
  9. Yep, the most deceiving name for a method. It would be better to name isRemote that, but tradition has kept isRemote the same.
  10. Apparently, isClientWorld() returns the opposite of world.isRemote, so that means it's on the server. So maybe, it isn't both sides, but it isn't the client if isClientWorld returns the opposite of world.isRemote.
  11. if (world.isRemote) { // Welcome to the client } else { // Welcome to the server }
  12. He wants a gui, not something rendering over in the ingame GUI. He could use that, but he wants to have a gui.
  13. That code's only going to work in the overworld. Dimension/WorldServer 0 is the overworld, so be forewarned, it won't work in the nether/end/any other dimension.
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