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  1. I found the issue: this line: property 'mixin.env.remapRefMap', 'true' should have been this: property "mixin.env.disableRefMap", "true"
  2. Well, I removed the jars from run\mods, and performed the following: > gradlew clean > gradlew --refresh-dependencies > gradlew build > gradlew runServer And received the same error message as before.
  3. I am developing a mod with dependencies on other mods, which in turn use mixins. I have created the mod in IntelliJ, I can compile and am able to create a custom modpack in CurseForge with only this mod and its dependencies and it runs correctly. However, when I copy the dependent jars into the run\mods sub-folder and try to run e.g. 'gradlew runServer', I get an error. Here is the source: https://github.com/lynnpye/waymaker/tree/1.18 Here is a gist with my build.gradle specifically: https://gist.github.com/lynnpye/971f4dfa125537d9bfd18af8f987ef1d Here is a gist with the output from 'gradlew runServer' in IntelliJ: https://gist.github.com/lynnpye/b7e5eb6c0cddcea3b8bdce7bef7cbe0f I'm sure this is a simple issue; I would appreciate any help.
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