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  1. Fixed it. To anyone else with similar problems....seriously check your capitals. My problem was that I was giving my unlocalized name as "stainedStoneBricks". My Item models for the block was "stainedStonebricks". As larsgerrits said,
  2. Proxy Class: Registration class ItemBlock Thats the snippet of which blocks arn't working. From the crash file/testing in game, the models themselves are fine. Its just having problems with the inventory rendering.
  3. I normally don't post random files, but almost every other thread that I found related to this someone asked to see their jar file. Just trying to cut down on time. What exact code do you need to see? The customModelResourceLocations? The block declarations?
  4. Hey all, So after building my mod I'm missing just some of the models from the mod. I have searched around and it seems like the number one cause is mismatched filenames. I checked it and no avail. I even copy and pasted the entire assets folder into the jar and it still didn't work. Weirdly enough I'm only missing models from my stone brick blocks. I've posted the errors I got here: http://pastebin.com/zvhZWTPf I've also posted the jar here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8m1DG4ghVbcZmZnZGN4Qy1kbzg/view?usp=sharing
  5. Sorry for the wait, I've been pretty busy over the last few weeks and kinda forgot about Minecraft. Anyways, I saw a tutorial somewhere online that included the metadata.
  6. I don't really understand where I should put World#isRemote. Should it be placed just after where I check the block instance? After I get the TE instance? After I check the NBT compound? Only around the code where I handle the TE? I just tried after getting the NBT tag, and I got the same result I had earlier where the changes would not occur right away for both players, but they do update at the same time. I'll post my TE class (sigh ): TE.class
  7. Ok so I now got: Block block = worldIn.getBlockState(pos).getBlock(); //Check block against target blocks if (block instanceof CBlock) { TileEntity te = worldIn.getTileEntity(pos); if (te instanceof CBlock_TE) { CBlock_TE tile = (CBlock_TE) te; NBTTagCompound nbt = stack.getTagCompound(); if (nbt != null && nbt.hasKey("rgb")) { int[] rgb = nbt.getIntArray("rgb"); tile.setColor(rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2]); worldIn.markAndNotifyBlock(pos, worldIn.getChunkFromBlockCoords(pos), block.getDefaultState(), block.getDefaultState(), 3); stack.damageItem(1, playerIn); return true; } else { return false; } } } Same thing as the original problem. Updates instantly for one player, but the other is delayed...
  8. I didn't know what the flags were, so I just put a 0 there. Is there a list of flags somewhere?
  9. And World#markAndNotifyBlock does not work. I have used in by itself and with markBlockForUpdate/markDirty.
  10. So would something like this do? Block block = worldIn.getBlockState(pos).getBlock(); //Check block against target blocks if (block instanceof CBlock) { TileEntity te = worldIn.getTileEntity(pos); if (te instanceof CBlock_TE) { CBlock_TE tile = (CBlock_TE) te; NBTTagCompound nbt = stack.getTagCompound(); if (nbt != null && nbt.hasKey("rgb")) { if (!worldIn.isRemote) { int[] rgb = nbt.getIntArray("rgb"); tile.setColor(rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2]); tile.getWorld().markBlockForUpdate(pos); tile.markDirty(); stack.damageItem(1, playerIn); return true; } } else { return false; } } } and for World#markAndNotifyblock....the last param is int flags. What are the flags I could use? EDIT: Nevermind it doesn't. I tried a couple different ways to place world.isremote in the code and every way doesn't work. The closest thing I got was that both test clients updated at the same time...but there was still a huge delay before the update occured. Also from reading into world.isremote, if isremote is false, then it means dedicated server right? If its true then its a 'combined client'? To get it to work on both sides, wouldn't I have to make two clauses, one for dedicated and one for combined? But they would both have to be the same code in order to work correctly; as in in the combined clause, in order for it to work the same in single player and lan, wouldn't the code have to be the same as the dedicated clause? Because it works fine for single player, but when opened to lan the game world should still be combined (isremote true)? And when in lan (combined) the update delay still occurs so I need to use the dedicated server clause code to fix it? Does anyone get what I mean? Or did I just completely overthink and confuse myself (and possibly others)? lol
  11. I have a TE that, when in single player, works perfectly. Such as that I click the block, logic happens and the appearance changes instantly. I thought that was it for the TE. When I complied a test mod for my brother to try with me, we noticed that whenever one of us click on the TE block, the changes occur some seconds later. The change occurs instantly after the other player (the one who did not click the block) updates the chunk by destroying/placing another block nearby. Now I know to force TE updates that I need to use TE.getWorld().markBlockforUpdate() wheverever I want the update to occur. For good measures I place markDirty() beneath that too. In my TE class, I have both getDescriptionPacket() and onDataPacket() defined. As far as I read, those two methods would allow for updates across the server and all the clients. I have only one field in the NBT (intArray) and I need the entire field, so again from reading about, it seems that getDescriptionPacket()/ondataPacket() is what I need. Relevant code: ItemPaintbrush.class TE.class I mean shouldn't this work? Item forces an update, which calls getDescriptionPacket() which sends out to clients that receive it through onDataPacket()?
  12. Ah. I did. In a few classes actually. Weird, I don't remember actually importing it. Oh well, I got it fixed now. Thanks alot!
  13. I thought it was weird too. But as far as I remember.....I didn't use it. I thought it was just some random underlaying forge class
  14. Well if you clicked on this thread then most likely you know what the error is about. I do not. I have googled around and it almost seems like for every thread I found, they was a different unique-ish solution. Here's the crash report: File structure within the jar file: jar/net/dev909/colorama/proxy jar/net/dev909/colorama/data jar/net/dev909/colorama/data/utils jar/net/dev909/colorama/data/tileentities jar/net/dev909/colorama/data/items jar/net/dev909/colorama/data/blocks jar/assets/colorama/textures jar/assets/colorama/models jar/assets/colorama/lang jar/assets/colorama/blockstates I don't understand what's happening...
  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I forgot to look into the itemblock...oops heheh Yeah I got it fixed now. Didn't realize that for some reason my ItemBlock#getUnlocalizedName(ItemStack) was returning only the integer value of the blockstate, and not calling the block's actual getUnlocalizedName(). Thanks alot!
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