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  1. Can you post your entire Forge log file in a pastebin, so that we may see what all mods are being loaded? Mod edit: Attachments are disabled on this forum.
  2. http://minalien.com/tutorial-setting-up-forgegradle-for-intellij-idea-scala/ Just ignore the Scala bits.
  3. I've written up a tutorial on setting up ForgeGradle with IntelliJ IDEA and Scala on my blog at http://minalien.com/tutorial-setting-up-forgegradle-for-intellij-idea-scala/
  4. Everything is made public at runtime - make it public in your own code, then simply don't distribute that file when you recompile/reobfuscate.
  5. You do realize that you can manually download the nightly builds and use them on your own system by simply replacing what's there by default?
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