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  1. Thanks for that! Figured it out, might not be the cleanest way to implement it but I added this to my FMLCommonSetupEvent setup like this and it works: event.enqueueWork(() -> { ((FlowerPotBlock)Blocks.FLOWER_POT).addPlant(ExplorerBlocks.BAMBOO_SAPLING.getId(), ExplorerBlocks.POTTED_BAMBOO_SAPLING::get); });
  2. As mentioned in the title, I noticed that whenever I used the recommended method to initializing custom saplings/plants with the flower pot block, it never allows me to add said sapling to an empty pot but when I use the depreciated method it works perfectly. I also think this has been the case since its implementation, probably in 1.14? Now I may not fully understand or be utilizing the supplier/getters correctly either so I'll provide my code below just incase. This is my code below: public static final RegistryObject<Block> POTTED_BAMBOO_SAPLING = register("potted_bamboo_sapling", () -> new FlowerPotBlock(() -> (FlowerPotBlock) Blocks.FLOWER_POT, BAMBOO_SAPLING::get, AbstractBlock.Properties.create(Material.MISCELLANEOUS).zeroHardnessAndResistance()));
  3. Do we really need to register each block in the clientsetupevent that we want to be a transparent block? that seems horribly redundant from just adding a simple method to a base class like bush block or something! *edit* but after looking at rendertypelookup, it is indeed how vanilla does it! well I guess that's the new rendering engine for you
  4. As mentioned in the title, i'm in the process of updating of updating my mod to 1.15 from 1.14 and most of the blocks and stuff have ported over quite nicely, however, I noticed that all my non-solid blocks such as plants aren't rendering properly, when I evaluate the differences, 1.14 BushBlock has this line of code: public BlockRenderLayer getRenderLayer() { return BlockRenderLayer.CUTOUT; } but 1.15 BushBlock doesn't have anything regarding rendering and such, does anyone know how I can fix this? had a nose around and can't find anything in particular that'll get it to work! Many thanks!
  5. Thanks, that might actually work! Might be difficult for me to test but hopefully it works
  6. The zombie pigmen are just spawned as a spawn condition on the nether biome, aren't they? I'm not having a problem spawning them in the dimension, its adding additional checks to make sure that it is a particular dimension, so my mobs don't randomly spawn in say, a birch forest biome on a sky island in the sky dimension mod. this.addSpawn(EntityClassification.MONSTER, new SpawnListEntry(EntityType.ZOMBIE_PIGMAN, 100, 4, 4)); I'm basically, trying to clean up some of the bugs in my 1.14 version to make it more polished before working on my 1.15 version, so hopefully, someone can help me figure this out
  7. As the title says, how would I go about checking the dimension and not just the biome from scratch ? I've had some users of my mod say a sky dimension was spawning my monsters in it because it used vanilla biomes in its generator, so I wanted to add a an additional check to my mob spawning conditions to make sure that its only the overworld/end/nether variants of the biomes and not random dimensions! My Entity Registration/Spawning Code public class ExplorerEntities { private static List<EntityType> entities = Lists.newArrayList(); private static List<Item> spawnEggs = Lists.newArrayList(); public static final EntityType<EnderreeperEntity> ENDERREEPER = createEntity(EnderreeperEntity.class, EnderreeperEntity::new, EntityClassification.MONSTER, "enderreeper", 0.6F, 1.99F, 3801171, 7078066); /* Unneeded Code Redacted */ @SubscribeEvent public static void registerEntities(RegistryEvent.Register<EntityType<?>> event) { for (EntityType entity : entities) { event.getRegistry().register(entity); } EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.register(ENDERREEPER, EntitySpawnPlacementRegistry.PlacementType.ON_GROUND, Heightmap.Type.MOTION_BLOCKING_NO_LEAVES, MonsterEntity::func_223325_c); private static void registerEntityWorldSpawn(EntityType<?> type, int weight, int minCount, int maxCount, Biome... biomes) { for(Biome biome : biomes) { if(biome != null) { biome.getSpawns(type.getClassification()).add(new Biome.SpawnListEntry(type, weight, minCount, maxCount)); } } } public static void registerEntityWorldSpawns() { if(EntityConfig.enderreeper_enabled.get()) { registerEntityWorldSpawn(ENDERREEPER, 5, 1, 2, Biomes.THE_END); registerEntityWorldSpawn(ENDERREEPER, 8, 1, 2, Biomes.END_BARRENS, Biomes.SMALL_END_ISLANDS, Biomes.END_HIGHLANDS, Biomes.END_MIDLANDS); } //&& DimensionType.getById(0) == DimensionType.OVERWORLD if(EntityConfig.enderreeper_overworld_spawn_enabled.get()) { EnderreeperEntity.addSpawn(); } if(EntityConfig.enderreeper_nether_spawn_enabled.get()) { registerEntityWorldSpawn(ENDERREEPER, 5, 1, 2, Biomes.NETHER); } } } My Enderreeper addSpawn() code: //==== Spawning ====// public static void addSpawn() { ForgeRegistries.BIOMES.getValues().stream().forEach(EnderreeperEntity::processSpawning); } private static void processSpawning(Biome biome) { if (biome != Biomes.MUSHROOM_FIELDS || biome != Biomes.MUSHROOM_FIELD_SHORE || biome != Biomes.NETHER) { biome.getSpawns(EntityClassification.MONSTER).add(new Biome.SpawnListEntry(ExplorerEntities.ENDERREEPER, 2, 1, 1)); } } How would I go about this? unfortunately i've been away from modding for a good few months and i'm rusty as hell, so any help regarding this would be massively appreciative! Many Thanks
  8. Ah thanks for this! I basically got the trades working after finding the VillagerTradesEvent myself and between looking at that and other peoples examples for the wandering trader, I got it working buuuuut for the trades, I practically ripped and copied the VillagerTrades class and made it public so finding the BasicTrade class is very useful to know! I can pretty much scrap my own and use that! Nevermind, will stick to my class, when they say basic trade, they really do mean basic! its good if you want to use emeralds to buy something like a sword or other items but not so much for 22 CustomCrop for emeralds, etc
  9. Hello there, has anyone figured out how to easily add new trades to existing villager trades? Like add a new crop to the farmer trades for example? I can see the villager traders hashmaps/array, etc but i'm not quite sure how to go about adding to that list correctly and get it registered and noticed by vanilla? if someone has the time to explain how to approach the problem I'd love to learn more about manipulating these so I can add new trades, that'd be amazing! *edit* Another issue I have is when I sort of copy the code to another class just to play about with adding, alot of the VillagerTrades.class functions are locked and private and I know you can use merchant offer to make new trades but its not recognised as an ITrade array, just boggled and confused, so clarity would be nice! Zathrox
  11. Updated to 2.2.7, added some ore-dict compatibility and tweaked various sounds for blocks under feedback, also added some creative mode only ocean items (couldn't get generation code working!)
  12. Last 3 updates have added final passes over the artwork on the gems, ores, tools in the game to new designs and consistent colouring's throughout
  13. Anyone able to help with this? Still stuck with what is causing the issue, from all the different variations i've done, can't seem to get it to work
  14. Hello everyone! I've noticed a few people struggling with this and also delved into the problem myself so I decided to make a little tutorial on my blog, hopefully explaining how to create foods in the latest version of minecraft! Checkout the tutorial here: Creating Custom Foods Hope this helps, Zathrox
  15. Hey guys, just throwing this out there to see if any of you guys can figure it out! Basically trying to create a new banner pattern, everything works well in terms of items generating, code loading etc, but when I put the banner pattern in the loom with a banner+dye, I get this error log: https://pastebin.com/J2fwkHA5 This is my item setup: BannerPatternItem(BannerPattern.create("welshflag", "welshflag", "welshflag",new ItemStack(ModItems.RUBY)), new Item.Properties().maxStackSize(1).group(ModItemGroups.MOD_ITEM_GROUP)), "welshflag_banner_pattern") with regards to my issue, I can see it's something to do with the loom, renderer and client but I can't pin-point what it causing it / how to fix it! but i've been working on this for ages now, with no avail, so passing the baton on! while i work on other things! as a side note if I do: /give @p black_banner{BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:"welshflag",Color:14}]}} 1 it generates the flag perfectly, I can even put the banner on a shield and have it work, however, I think it has something to do with the mini-icons that appear in the loom, not sure if they are a separated template or just a shrunk down version of the shield/banner textures but yeah, help decoding that error message would be great!
  16. Added a small update to the mod to aid in exploration more! see patch notes for more info!
  19. THE INFECTION EXPANSION HAS DROPPED, WITH NEW MOBS, WORLD GEN, BLOCKS AND MORE! Introduction Seeking wiki-wielding ninjas to populate and or design the basics for the wiki! I'll slowly get around to populating it myself but it'll take away from important modding and development time! Explorercraft is an adventure and exploration based mod, if the name didn't already give it away! This mod is specifically focused on creating and encouraging those aspects of minecraft by enhancing vanilla content and adding in new varied content as you traverse your worlds! The difference in this mod is how it will all eventually link back around too each other, all the cool, special and unique things in the mod, will require you to explore multiply biomes both high and low, find the unique thing tied to that area, that will eventually come to help you in another! Download EXPLORERCRAFT - INFECTION EXPANSION WHATS IN THE MOD? If you're curious as to what's in the mod, well it wouldn't be an exploration based mod if I just outright told you no? But if you want a little direction where to begin in game, I've added a tiered Advancement page, with secrets and progression for the mod! Also try spawning in a bonus chest on world creation, for a chance of your first taste of the mod! However if you mussst know, here is a overly simplified list of some of the things I've added: CYMRU EXPANSION HAS DROPPED! EXPLORE AND DISCOVER A SPECIALLY DESIGNED THEMED AROUND MY HOMELAND: WALES New World Gen (Biomes, Ores, Structures) New Blocks (Building, Decoration, Custom and Unique Themed) New Items (Tools, Weapons, Food, Rare Items, Custom and Unique Themed) New Mobs Vanilla Tweaks SPOILERS: For those who don't like adventure and exploration! Bugs, Updates & Feedback Any bugs, problems and feedback on the mod is very welcome, especially on the pacing/flow of the exploration related items, as well as texture and artistic feedback too! This can be done in the comment section below , the minecraft forum post or come join the Discord and post in the relevant sections!
  20. In my knowledge this is probably going to be difficult to replace normal vanilla minecraft without complete rewrites, so what I suggest you do is look at tutorials for custom WorldTypes/Dimensions, they can be used it to spawn a void world, setup custom chunkgenerators and custom spawning, etc, as most vanilla structures unfortunately do checks for solid ground, you'll probably need to look at intercepting generation events, through subscribe events and creating brand new structure files that duplicate the originals without the checks, this is usually the opposite problem for custom structures in mods, where they randomly spawn in the air and you need to generate some extra code to anchor them Also if you think of the End Dimension, its technically a void world with islands that spawn, so take a look at how that is generated too as a vanilla example, its usually what I do tbh, I think of a feature I want, then think, does vanilla generate or do something similar to what I want, then I go poke around the code and see if I can replicate/learn from said example, then I go look at tutorials/etc if I can't find an answer myself.
  21. Hello, My mod is basically a sort of update of a mod I created back in 1.4.7 and it had a lot of structures generated back then and it was obviously all done in worldgen files and code, however, as i'm getting into the process of updating them in the newer versions of minecraft, there is the structure files system(not dabbled much, which is why im here gathering info),but is there any pros/cons people would point out over the differences between each option? because once my code for a structure is updated, technically all I need to do is generate / replicate it once and create a structure file but i'm curious if doing so has drawbacks, one thing in particular is, how do you spawn entities in structure files or is it possible? because some of my builds require me to spawn special mobs inside them at particular points. One major point I can think off, is a structure file is much each to rotate into different directions? compared to hardcoded in a worldgen file? oooooh just thought of another question, how is structure generation handled in 1.13? as obviously I don't plan to stay in 1.12 forever, so thinking of the future, what would you say are the best ways forward? Sort of a mod discussion / help for me to decide where to go!
  22. Post the full set of jsons for one of those items and we can take a look and a picture of your textures files path, etc, i've had various errors with jsons because of slight changes in naming conventions and thought i'd changed everything, gotten errors and gone back, spotted something, swore, fixed it and it worked. They are a pain in the ass but normally if you're getting an error like that you've most likely missed something
  23. Hello there, Just curious, what is the correct way to call and override and use a moddedBiomeDecorator functions in a custom biome? Like I've read people saying to override: CreateBiomeDecorator or getModdedBiomeDecorator but how do I call the variables and functions in my biome file? all I can seem to do is call the original decorator stuff. This example is me, override the getModdedBiomeDecorator but I can't seem to figure out how to call my waterGrassPerChunks generator functions from my ExplorerDecorator. public BiomeCoralReef(BiomeProperties properties) { super(properties); topBlock = Blocks.SAND.getDefaultState(); fillerBlock = Blocks.SAND.getDefaultState(); this.decorator.clayPerChunk = 0; this.decorator.sandPatchesPerChunk = 10; this.decorator.gravelPatchesPerChunk = 0; this.decorator.waterGrassPerChunk = 0; //This calls an error because well it doesn't exist in the original biome decorator this.getModdedBiomeDecorator(decorator).waterGrassPerChunk = 0; //Once again, doesn't work getModdedBiomeDecorator(decorator).waterGrassPerChunk = 0; //How do I call the modded biome decorate correctly? } @Override public BiomeDecorator getModdedBiomeDecorator(BiomeDecorator original) { return new ExplorerDecorator(); } Now, this is why i'm asking how to do it correctly because this example below, works but i'm pretty much ignoring the entire getModdedBiomeDecorator/createBiomeDecorator functions and am not even overwriting them ExplorerDecorator explorerDecorator; public BiomeKelpForest(BiomeProperties properties) { super(properties); decorator = new ExplorerDecorator(); explorerDecorator = (ExplorerDecorator)decorator; explorerDecorator.waterGrassPerChunk = 5; } Like it works and all, so I could just keep on doing that but if there is a way to do it correctly through forge, i'd rather use it properly. So any help or tips would be fantastic!
  24. Hey, could you post your kelp decorator please? I've been seeing the modded decorator for awhile and not been sure how to correctly implement one, as well as not really seen anyone show how to correctly use it and would love to get an idea! Also i've been looking into Sub-Biomes and ocean biomes too because my mod that i'm updating has a coral reef biome, i'd love to have as a sub biome instead of a random biome that spawns in general! So if you get it working i'd love to know and i'll do likewise for you!
  25. Hello, Minecraft: 1.12.2 Basically, is there anyway to add a sub biome type for a modded biome, similar to how vanilla does it? (example: ExtremeHills: has ExtremeHills+ and ExtremeHills M, Forest: has ForestHills and ForestM(flower forest) ) So for my example: I have an exotic jungle biome, i'd love to add an edge, hills and mountain variant of them and have them as weighted sub-biomes that generate only when my Exotic Jungle spawns, this would add variation to my biomes. Is there a way to do this in the default worldtype? I don't want to create my own worldtype or dimension, I want them naturally spawning in the overworld. However, from my research, it seems I need to create my own GenLayer as that is where all the code for this subbiome stuff is registered and located but I have no idea how to create my own Genlayer that works side by side or overwrites the original or how to get it registered in my mods initialisation, so is there any forge command or way to add and create a custom genlayer or simply a way to add subbiomes naturally without doing so? I've also tried the command .setbasebiome when setting up my biomes and that doesn't work either. Basically, I just want to know if its possible to do without a major overhaul to the world generation code? because if there isn't, i'll just give-up adding that level of depth to my biomes! haha Funnily enough, upon googling custom genlayer, I actually discovered a topic on the minecraft forum from 4 years ago with me asking the same thing when I first got into modding for 1.4.7!
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